The Proof Series #9: Case Studies

Nike Mexico Headquarters.

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So we’re more than half way through the proof series now. Case Studies are an important part of your product marketing strategy. Here’s why…

What it is: A case study is just an example of what you or other people have done before. What worked and what didn’t and why. You can use them to demonstrate your product in action or indeed the success other people have had using. You can make a case study of what a big brand like Nike are doing to integrate the web into their marketing for instance.

Why it’s powerful: Testimonials or personal endorsements may be easy to disregard but when you transform one into a case study by including valuable instructive content laid out in a structured way, it supercharges it’s power.

Why?  Because we learn by example. And a case study is a content rich example of a strategy or tactic in action. It can be text or video but in any case it allows your prospects to see what someone else has done in the situation being illustrated and if you use a well known brand as an example …

It’s also a lot more believable !

Because it’s not just a sentence or two – your sharing the whole story.

The details and specificity make it more credible, more believable, and it’s a much deeper form of proof.

Example: Here’s are 2 examples that I made on the Video Boss Launch

#1 The Video Boss – Video 1

#2 The Video Boss – Video 2


here’s the Ipad Launch Case Study

You can also use the same technique in your presentations.  After you teach a concept – show a case study of a client who got a great result by using that concept.  A few of those strategically placed in a presentation shoots your credibility and believability to the stratosphere.

So there you have it… Case Studies should be made an integral part of your product marketing strategy indeed weave them into your new product launch strategy and you’ll be cooking on gas !


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Rory Ramsden