The Proof Series #8: Personal Endorsements

All Marketers Are Liars

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Your product marketing strategy has to comply with FTC guidelines so get legal advice to be sure that your online  business complies with the law. Having said that, personal/company endorsements have a different flavor from old style ‘product testimonials’. They are a reference by one individual for another. It helps if the giver is a ‘known’ name of course but that’s not essential…

What it is: There are two types of testimonials – product based and personal/companyMany marketers miss this point

The first one is obvious – testimonials for your products and the results they achieve.  And this is the one that you need to be careful about and consult FTC guidelines.

But personal endorsements, the second type of testimonial is far more useful (and possibly less regulated, you need to seek your own legal advice) because it may be more commonly used. These testimonials are about YOU and/or YOUR COMPANY – NOT one of your individual products.

Why it’s powerful: This second type of endorsement is about your personal reputation ?  What others think about you and how you conduct your life and your business.

So if you can get some ‘glowing’ personal references, why not share them with everyone? They will certainly build up your credibility and encourage people to take the time to listen a little more closely to what you have to say.

Example: Doing a webinar with a well known marketer in your niche will allow your guests to hear your voice and let their ‘spidey sense’ get to work. Having a well known ‘name’ to interact with will be like a ‘de facto’ personal endorsement too as well as providing a ‘powerful association’ (Proof Series #6)

So what if you’re knew in your niche and don’t know any other marketers? Well, then do some research and identify an author who has written a well known book on your subject. Invite them to talk about their book.

Don’t  forget that a quick video you can make with a Flip cam in next to no time is really effective too. It does not have to have incredible production qualities. In fact, it’s more believable if it doesn’t.

And that’s powerful!

So, there you have it. Personal endorsements are another valuable layer of proof to add to your product marketing strategy. Remember that your prospects have to believe in you as a person. Buying decisions are first of all based on emotions so make sure that you include as many proof elements as you can

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