The Proof Series #6: Powerful Association

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Here’s another ‘guilty by association’ type proof method that you can layer into your product marketing strategy. It stands to reason that if a big well-known brand is using a specific tactic in their marketing strategy then it must be good for you too.

After all, they will have done a lot of testing to ensure that that tactic is effective … which incidentally saves you a lot of time and money because you won’t have to do that testing yourself ! 🙂

[This is an edited version of a post made by Rich Schefren on his blog,]

What It Is: If you associate with powerful people then it’s assumed you’re powerful… if you associate with great marketers then it’s assumed you’re a great marketer… if you associate with the rich and famous then it’s assumed you’re rich and famous too… and so on.

Also, when you partner with big name players, often times their credibility extends to you.  In fact, even when you interview enough thought-leaders you’re seen as a thought leader.  (More about this in a minute.)

How To Do It: If I was just starting out in a niche – this is one of the tactics I would immediately leverage.

I’d create a blog… begin posting… then head over to Amazon and buy the most popular books in my niche.  I’d read them, and then approach the authors to interview them about their books.

Almost every author is willing to be interviewed about their books – and when you ask insightful questions (proving that you’ve actually read their books) a friendship is likely to develop.

I’d post the interviews as soon as I did them.  And when I had enough of them I’d put them all in a free report – with a snazzy introduction and conclusion from me.  Whamo… instant credibility by association.

Why its powerful: It’s simply human nature to assume that if those people (whoever those people are) seem to think you are worthy then so will I.  Of course, this works the other way too – associate with sleazy people and people will think you’re sleazy.

Example: Take the ‘Video Boss’ launch done by Andy Jenkins earlier this year where, in the first of his three launch videos, he talks about the ‘marquee clients’ or launches he has worked on … The SEO BrainTrust, Product Launch Manager and The Magic Bullet System then goes onto quote a ‘powerful association’ in the ‘New York Times‘ who also use video in their marketing.

This is the tactic in action.

You can download the Video Boss Case Study – Video 1 here and see for yourself how many layers of proof Andy integrates into his launch. When you have done that leave a comment below and tell me how you are going to work this tactic into your product marketing strategy.


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