The Proof Series #19: Win More Clients, Be The Expert

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Don’t be afraid to show off your qualifications and achievements. The ones that are relevant to your market that is. Doing so will build credibility and boost your product marketing strategy.

What It Is: Sharing personal certifications & degrees that establish you’re an expert and you have the paperwork to prove it

Why It’s Powerful: People tend to go to the guy that they perceive to be the most knowledgeable to solve their problems. When you have third party certifications to prove it, you are more likely to be seen as that person.

Example: I’m a Jeff Walker trained product launch manager. Jeff is the launch guru that launch marketers turn to when they need a fresh pair of eyes to optimize their upcoming new product launch. Having the ability to turn to his platinum group of PLMs and Jeff himself allows me to leverage the best source of launch marketing experience and put it at your disposal to make your launch a massive success.

How To Do It: Have you taken any courses, gone to any prestigious schools, or been certified in anything that helps prove to prospects you know your stuff?  If so, don’t keep them to yourself – let the world know about it.  And if you’re coming up short – think about what type of training or certification would add to your chops.

This is another form of third part endorsement that will help people see you as the go-to guy in your niche. In this day and age where no one has enough time  to do the amount of research and reference checking that they would like to, the  quick way to solve the problem is to go to the guy they perceive as the most expert.

Your certifications and degrees should therefore be ‘front and centre’ in your product marketing strategy so it’s easy for people to see you as the guy with the expert knowledge and experience they need.

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Rory Ramsden