The Proof Series #18: Share Your Industry Awards

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So you’ve been recognized by your industry peer group. They gave you an award as the ‘Marketer  of The Year’ or some such.

This product marketing strategy simple calls for you to share these awards by putting them in your email signature and social media profiles. Let everyone know,  your prospects, your customers and your clients that you have been recognized by your peer group.

What It Is: Sharing industry awards that you or your company have won.

Why It’s Powerful: If your industry peer group respect you and what your company is achieving then you should not be shy about using this in your product marketing strategy. Doing so will boost your credibility and authority in the market place.

When your customers see that you are a respected member of the community, they are more likely to listen to you and your marketing message. It’s becomes a much smaller step for you to ask for the sale.

This third party endorsement means that you can relax and be what you obviously are… An authority.

Example: The most obvious one is the Oscars’. The annual film industry awards are a measure of the actor’s skill level and emotional power… And remember what happens to their ‘price per film’ after winning an Oscar’. The lucky few are inundated with offers and they’re ability to command multi-million dollar fees is boosted to the max.

The same, in a smaller way, could happen to you. Remember that you don’t have to wait for someone to notice you… instead you can actively search out awards.

How To Do It: Awards are being given out all the time online.  Just head over to Google and do some searching. There are blog awards, website awards, industry awards, etc…

And if you’ve got a good blog and nobody is ranking the top blogs in your niche – why don’t you think about starting an award for best blogs in your niche.  Just contact some of the other bloggers in your space and figure out a way to get everyone in on the party.  Possibly make it a rule that no one can vote for themselves and see where that takes you.

Winning awards in this way and then using them as another form of ‘social proof’ in your product marketing strategy adds another layer of credibility. This is important because people buy from people that they like, have faith in, and respect.

No matter how good your product, no matter how effective it is, if you have not won them over and established this triangle of trust your prospects will not become long term clients.


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Rory Ramsden