The Proof Series #17: Proving The Power of Your Product

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So you want to do a new product launch. Which product marketing strategy can you use to prove the power of your solution before you even open your cart?

You can do this quickly and easily during your pre-launch, boost ‘anticipation’ and create ‘excitement’ in your market.

What It Is: Proving the validity and power of what you are offering (you’re solution) boosts confidence and is an easy way to establish greater credibility when you’ve got little of your own to leverage.

Why It’s Powerful: Your prospects will be skeptical. They might not believe you (yet). They may be burning with desire to solve a longstanding challenge. But first they have to believe in it and in you.  So by proving that  your solution really works, you’re boosting your credibility in the process.

How To Do It: There are two  ways..

  1. Firstly, This is likely to appeal to prospects suffering from the ‘He may be able to do that but I doubt I can’ syndrome – that’s all of them – Use a tester who is ‘worse off than your average prospect’ to demonstrate how effective your product is. Introduce him/her at the beginning of your pre-launch. Tell your audience that ‘Jo’ is going to follow the ‘quick start’ guide and demonstrate how easy it is to use, get quick and easy results and successfully tackle the big 3 challenges they are facing. This is ‘before your very eyes’ proof that will boost the confidence that your prospects have in your product… And shows that you can ‘teach’ others to be successful too, building your authority too.
  2. And second, make that ‘quick start’ guide a pdf download so your prospects can try it too. Provide supporting videos that teach them exactly the same steps that ‘Jo’ is taking. Do 2 or 3 teleseminars and answer questions – engage your audience – Encourage people to take part by offering them an incentive

Example: If you’re selling an eBook on dog training – you can show a dog owner using your method to train their dog having first demonstrated the problem the owner is facing and prove that the dog is becoming more obedient by videoing the sessions.

Video stories told by other – well known – dog owners who successfully trained their dogs using the same process.  Cite the research showing that dogs who are trained in this way become loving members of the family and those who aren’t are often taken to a dog shelter. Etc…

That’s it… and the beauty of this product marketing strategy is that it’s not you doing the convincing. It’s your prospects  convincing themselves. They are ‘test driving’ your product before they are asked to pay a dime. You are giving great value. Your audience is engaging with your product and you are  building credibility and authority.

People buy from a person. If they know, like and trust that person they are far more likely to buy the product.


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Rory Ramsden