The Proof Series #16: The Best Incentive is… ?


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Your prospects and customers are comfortable in their familiar surroundings. However much they say they want to change or take action, they’re really looking for an excuse not to. It’s just human nature… Better the devil you know, right?

Your product marketing strategy has to take this simple human frailty into account, if you want to be successful. The question is…

What is the most effective way to get your clients to take action and boost your credibility at the same time?

Run a contest that helps your clients achieve the outcome they most want in the world by offering them prizes that they m ost desire in the world then publish their success stories for the whole world to see.

Why It’s Powerful: There’s nothing like reading about the success of other seemingly normal people who use your product to convince the ‘fence-sitters’ that what you do gets results.

Having an independent third party singing your praises and telling everyone who cares to listen that you really do know what you are talking about is just the s ort of publicity you need. After all, it involves no hard-sell on your part, the marketing message is delivered by an enthusiastic fan of your product.

No sweat This product marketing strategy rocks

Your clients are more motivated to get results, and…. to document them for you in a very compelling way.  There’s also been a few studies that show that clients who participate successfully in these types of contests (even when they don’t win) are much more likely to become raving fans of you and your company.

Example: Take Bill Philips.  Do you remember his book Body For Life? It was crammed packed with the submissions of the previous years contests.  Which further implied his methodology and his supplements worked.  You see, it wasn’t enough to be in phenomenal shape to motivate many, but…. throw in a Lamborghini and a hundred thousand in cash to go along with a super-fit body and all of sudden everybody becomes a gym-rat.

How To Run a Contest : The tactic may be simple… It’s not necessarily easy to pull off.

Here’s how to start

  1. Identify your clients most desired outcome
  2. Identify the prizes that your niche really want to winthe better the prizes, the more people will take part –
  3. Run your plan by your local friendly lawyer to make sure that  the FTC will not come calling
  4. Drive traffic at your contest page

BTW… The best prizes have nothing to do with money. They have everything to do with… Desire

That’s it… Make this part of your  product marketing strategy and your credibility will skyrocket and your profits will multiply too…


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Rory Ramsden