The Proof Series #15: Be An Expert

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Being an expert simply requires you to research the niche you are passionate about and then make yourself an expert in that particular segment.

In a world where your market is becoming ever more sophisticated, being a specialist is an essential part of your product marketing strategy especially when you are starting a small business.

Lawyers do it… Doctors do it… And so should you…

It’s what makes you special. Using your ‘big idea‘, it allows you to exert the maximum marketing pressure on the smallest profitable niche you can find.

What It Is: When you specialize, the logic is that you know more about your niche subject than anyone else.

Why It’s Powerful: When markets become more sophisticated they fragment.  The business in those markets specialize. They become the go-to people because they have special sub-set of knowledge.

Think about it…

You can buy a tie in a department store… You can also buy one in a specialist stand alone shop like ‘Tie Rack

The same applies to socks… Go to ‘Sock Shop’

And lawyers… Go to a divorce lawyer, a criminal lawyer, an estate planning lawyer, etc…

Get the idea?

Everywhere you look, there are specialists. The point is that you boost your credibility by specializing and authority by being  a specialist.

Example: If you had a sheep dog and you wanted to train him to work in the field, where would you go?

Not to a general dog trainer… That’s for sure

But straight to someone who specialized in training sheep dogs to work a flock of sheep.

So what we are talking about here is nothing new. It’s just that online it’s even more important than ever because markets are continuously segmenting into smaller and smaller niches.

How To Do It: Look at your niche – identify the current segments – rank them in size (base that on search volume, site popularity, etc…) – determine if there is already a well entrenched expert in each of these fragments – if not, you just spotted your opportunity (if it fits with your strengths).

If all the fragments are already occupied by an entrenched expert  – then look at the three biggest sub-niches and think through how they might be divided in the future.  Pick the one you believe will be sizable and with a head-start you’ll be able to outshine others.

That’s it…

All the best ideas are the simplest. Focus your product marketing strategy on one very well researched area of expertise and you will stand head and shoulder above the crowd.

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Rory Ramsden