The Proof Series #14: Leveraging Social Proof

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So your’re starting a small business. Now most marketers think their product marketing strategy only needs 1 level of proof.  But you know they’re wrong. There are, in fact, three levels of proof as I said in my first post in this ‘Proof Series‘.  Here they are again:

  1. Proof you can do it
  2. Proof you can help others to do it
  3. Proof you can help someone worse off than your prospects do it

It’s the second &  third levels of proof that you need to focus on just as much as the first because they will generate the all important social proof you must have.

What It Is: We’re hard wired to seek the approval of our peer group. Your prospects & customers will seek the views of their friends, their social media contact networks and as well as consider the opinions of others, before making decisions especially buying decisions. In fact this peer group reference systems is the primary research mechanism they will use.

Why It’s Powerful: The logic – if logic is that relevant in this situation – is that if our friends and acquaintances find this person or this company’s information is valuable… then you are more likely to accept is as such.

Example: There are many ways to show how popular you are.  Here are a few examples…

  1. The number of Twitter followers…
  2. The number of Facebook fans…
  3. The number of RSS readers…
  4. Your Alexa ranking…
  5. The number of comments on your blog post…
  6. etc.

After all, if there are two bistros on opposite sides of the same street and one is packed with diners and the other isn’t… which one are you generally more likely to eat in?

Think about it – I know for me, if I land on a blog with lots of comments and a high Alexa ranking, I’m more likely to stop and browse around and even leave a comment of my own. What about you?

How To Do It: This comes back to two basic concepts.

  1. Create Value
  2. Engage

Social proof is super important when it comes to launch marketing. Encourage comments by offering a valuable piece of content.

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Rory Ramsden