The Proof Series #12: Leveraging Research & Studies

There’s no doubt about it…Why is mobile marketing so effective
We live in the information age.
Your product marketing strategy
will be transformed if you do a little research to get yourself launch ready. How well do you know the people in your core market? Indeed, who are your main competitors? And how can you steal their lunch money before they realize?

Whether you’re online or mobile,  you can track down some juicy data pretty quickly that you can use to boost your credibility and leverage that new product launch

What It Is: Search for data and  studies to support and confirm…

  • What are the ‘burning issue’ that your prospects wish they could just make go away
  • How you can offer a super effective solution to that problem
  • Which segment of the market makes 80% of the money?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • And how you can grab their market share by offering better value
  • etc.

Why It’s Powerful: By providing research, often done by third parties and quoting those sources,  that ‘proves’ that the solutions you offer are effective in making that ‘burning issue’ go away quickly and easilyThe belief and trust that your prospects have in you, your product and your company will be boosted to a new level…

Example: We have introduced the idea of the Friction Free Launch to clients which adds a mobile platform to their product marketing strategy allowing them and more importantly their prospects and customers to stay in touch whether they are offline, online or on the move. This is a cutting edge tactic which differentiates us from every other product launch specialist.

Here are just 3 pieces of research that build the credibility of mobile marketing as part of your product launch strategy

How To Do It: Check Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn and don’t forget that ‘Facebook Questions’ is on the way. These are and will be good for current questions in your market. Competitive research is a must also. Try They are introducing some great new services which could help you a lot.

Leveraging Research & Studies to support your product marketing strategy is a powerful way of building credibility and authority. The point is that it’s not you who is doing the convincing. You just point your prospect or customer in the right direction [show him where to look] and he or she can convince themselves that what you’re proposing as a launch strategy is solid.

It’s effortless and effective !



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Rory Ramsden