The Product Launch Secret Sauce… Have You Got The Recipe ?

Product Launch Secret Sauce



There are a couple of things that we need to straighten out before I give you the product launch secret sauce recipe


#1. The number one common misconception that if you hire a product launch manager that he will turn up, wave his magic wand and create your entire launch from scratch.


#2. The number two misconception is that product launch managers just work on major guru launches and won’t sully their hands with a small launch in a niche market


In both cases, nothing could be further from the truth


So taking first things first,  here is a short list of launch specific jobs that you have to have in hand before you even consider talking to me or any other product launch manager


Item 1: Get inside the minds of your core audience – This is your first and number one challenge. Don’t rush past this assuming that you’ve got this nailed. Take the time to verify your assumptions. Your whole launch hangs on getting this right.


Item 2: Refine your product – Now you can optimize your product to ensure that you are offering something that your core audience wants more than anything. Remember that you must have a unique mechanism that sets it part from all others in your niche. You don’t have to have the whole thing finished before your launch. In fact, you will probably add one or more elements to it during the pre-launch sequence and refocus others based on feedback so be ready to do that.


Item 3: Build your email list – If you have not started to create a list, you are behind the 8 ball already. This is where you will spend the majority of your pre-launch budget – allow several $1000. The quickest and easiest way to get a ton of qualified traffic is to pay for it. You can switch it on and off at will too.


Item 4: Define your budget – Your budget should include sums for Copy Writing – this is a key element in any launch – Video Production – no launch should be without video – Tech Support, Customer Support, JV manager, and last but by no means least, your product launch manager. You will have to negotiate lump sum payments to everyone except your PLM who will require an upfront sum just to put you on his schedule plus a retainer to knock your launch into shape before the fact and a commission on the gross afterwards.


Remember if you can demonstrate an impressive track record and instill confidence in every one of the professionals that you want to hire, you will more than likely get your man. If you are asking them to take a risk on you they will start factoring in the opportunity cost so it’s wise to have your portfolio in order too.


The more organized you are. The more preparation you have done. The more you have done your homework. The easier it will be later. So before you contact your target product launch manager get the ground work done. He will be impressed that you have. And much more likely to take you and your launch seriously. The market you are working in is immaterial. All everyone needs to know, including you, is that there is a hungry crowd out there who are prepared to pay good money for the value you are offering.


Oh… The Secret Sauce Recipe?… I almost forgot


The secret sauce behind every successful launch no matter what niche is that the entrepreneur focused on what he is best at and out sourced the rest.  A product launch has a lot of moving parts. Trying to reverse engineer one based on the fact that you have closely watched a few is not going to cut it. You wouldn’t try and bake an exotic cake for your wife’s birthday, you would hire a highly trained pastry chef.


What makes you think your product launch is any different?


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Rory Ramsden