The Product Launch Easy Sales Formula: The 10 Step Process

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Getting your marketing message across through video is super effective. This is especially the case when you’re doing a product launch because of the simple fact that 90% of communication is non verbal. It’s to do with body language and tone of voice. Put these together in a well structured video and you’ll be cooking on gas, as they say 🙂

So here is the 10 step process that your script should follow…

1. The Big Promise – Your opening words must contain a big promise. This has to be specific and stop people in their tracks. Once you have got them hooked in and wanting to know more move on to

2. Who – A quick introduction… Who am I and why you should listen to what I have to say

3. What – What are people going to learn in the next few minutes. Again be specific. You’ll discover a) …. b)…. c)….

4. Why – Provide a rationale. I’m doing this because…. Tell a micro story which targets your avatar’s top pain point

5. Urgency – No marketing message would be complete without a genuine scarcity play. Note the word – Genuine – It could be that your daughter has just announced she is getting married or that the IRIS have just made another outrageous tax demand that has to be paid in 7 days. There are lots of reasons out there.

6. Confidence – Build your credibility using proof elements. There are 21 different types to call on. Use two or three of the most appropriate

7. Product Positioning – What makes your product different ? How does it solve the avatar’s top pain point more effectively and quicker than anything else. What are the major added benefits ? Splinter it into modules – What you will learn and how you will benefit

8. Unconditional Guarantee – If you don’t like it for any reason even if there is no reason, just send the product back within 30 days and you’ll get your money back by return

9. Bunker Buster – Just when your customer is thinking “Wow, I’m going to buy this” make it even better by adding bonuses as gifts

10. Call To Action – Go back to that top pain point again, the benefits and the value that they will receive and make a call to action. Sell off the front foot. Don’t be shy. Come straight to the point. Just say ‘Buy my stuff’

That’s it. Your product launch easy sales formula in 10 simple steps. Remember that you are not Steven Spielberg and your audience does not expect you to put in an Oscar winning performance. Just be yourself.

If you think you have a perfect face for radio, just remember that everyone else thinks the same about themselves. We are our own worst critics.

As some famous newspaper baron whose name escapes me once said ” Publish and be damned” – Just do it.

Your product launch will be better off with you out there leading the charge. Your audience will find it much easier to engage with someone they can see. Their spidey sense will instinctively tell them that they like you and with those proof elements in place too you will have established the triangle of trust necessary for them to push the ‘Buy now’ button.

Sounds easy, right? if you have a comment or question just leave it below and we’ll get straight back to you…




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Rory Ramsden