The Proof Series #2:The Powerful Demonstration

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When developing your product marketing strategy and associated tactics, you need to understand the 23 different layers of proof that you can make use of to build trust and authority.

These  combined with your natural like-ability will create the pyramid of credibility you must establish before you can successfully launch a new product.

First off … The Powerful Demonstration

What It Is: An over-the-top demonstration that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that either you’ve honed your chops to perfection, or your product is capable of making magic happen.

Why It’s Powerful: Prospects discount and distrust testimonials more and more each day.  But show them how you can magically solve one of their pressing problems in a way that makes them say WOW and you’ve got them.

Why?  Because the prospect can see themselves solving their problem or getting the result as easily as you’ve just shown.  So they see themselves creating the same result in the same way.  And this is powerful stuff.

You’ve made what they (previously) thought as difficult – as something easily done.  And who doesn’t want that?

Example: Dan Kennedy wrote an amazing example of this in his latest NO B.S. Info-Marketing Newsletter (always a great read by the way).

Dan mentioned a sales trainer who sold courses on how to cold-call to get appointments.  The trainer would sit on stage with a phone (amplified so the whole audience could hear) and have audience members pick people at random out of the white pages.  He’d then call them stone-cold and get the appointments.

Man-oh-man!  Do you see how powerful that is?  To me, that’s 10x more powerful than a few people in the audience standing up and saying what great results they’ve gotten from his course.

In fact, If I were in the audience and I had to cold-call, I’d be rushing to the back of the room to buy his course ASAP.

The 3rd way of beefing up your product marketing strategy using proof is called “Results in Advance”, we’ll be talking about  that in the next post… In the meantime, find out what product launch marketing could do for you.


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