The Power of a Personal Recommendation

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The most powerful form of proof of all is a personal recommendation. The question therefore is how you can make this a part of your product marketing strategy and therefore leverage the viral aspect of your online reputation.

What It Is: Getting your clients, prospects and partners to recommend your product or service to their friend and acquaintances

Why It’s Powerful: It’s a proven fact you are more likely to believe the word of a friend that you trust than that of a stranger. You are more likely to act on that recommendation… more likely to engage… more like to buy… and even more likely to spend more than you would have done otherwise.

Why?… Because there’s a level of associated trust.

So, if you trust your friend, and he tells you to trust me… then our relationship starts out at a much higher level of trust than it would otherwise. You are less skeptical and therefore more open to accept the proposals I make.

Example: The easiest way to get recommendations is to ask for them. It’s that simple yet many small business owners don’t… Crazy but true nonetheless!

The best time to ask is when you have just completed a successful project for a client or provided some valuable content that they have acted upon. This leverages the law of reciprocity… because I’ve helped you, you are more likely to help me. It’s a natural human reaction.

How to do it online: These three tactics are an essential part of your product marketing armory…

  1. Use a ‘tell-a-friend’ script in your opt-in sequence so that new prospects can do just that by referring their friends to your website. You must offer a ‘must-have’ incentive to make this work effectively but this is only making use of one platform in your marketing mix…
  2. Offer a special report or white paper to people who ‘follow’ you on Twitter or ‘Like’ your business page on Facebook and ask them to recommend that their friends, followers do the same?
  3. Integrate your site into the social media world with all those ‘Tweet’, ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons that others are using … and vice versa integrate your social media presence into your product marketing strategy

Yes… This is a work in progresss for me too but it does not make the point I am making any less valid. Check out my product launch marketing Facebook page here.

I am preparing a special report to give to everyone who ‘Likes’ the page before Christmas. It lays out a complete product marketing strategy from beginning to end focusing on a new product launch. It steps you through the process so you can see exactly what you have to do at each point.

Having a product marketing template like this at your fingertips will put all your thoughts and ideas in context and make getting to the launch pad quick and easy

In the meantime, here are 2 questions…

  1. Are you currently using a Tell-A-Friend tactic… and if so, how’s it working for you?
  2. Have you fully integrated your site into Facebook and Twitter ?

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Rory Ramsden