The One Piece of Your Launch You Just Have To Get Right is ?

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If you had to chose one piece of your product launch to get absolutely right, which would it be?

Without this piece…

  • Your offer is worthless
  • The rest of your product marketing strategy is just words on a piece of virtual paper
  • All the other moving parts that are right will be almost irrelevant

Now that may sound extreme but it’s closer to the truth than you might imagine.

So what is this miracle ingredient?

This saffron of the product launch marketing world which will make sabotaging your own launch much much harder

It is this… Know Your Customer

If you know your customer, your launch story almost writes itself. Empathizing with their fears and frustrations is a breeze. Leading them to the sunlit uplands where their hopes and dreams will be fulfilled is simple because you can get inside their heads and push their hot buttons at will.

Developing your product is just a matter of giving your big idea a structure and sequencing each part in such a way that it is easiest to consume.

You’ll also know where your customers hang out. so you can drop in and speak to the ‘connectors’ in your community whenever you chose. You can drop hints and leak news. You can build pre-pre-launch momentum virally. Your prospect list grows almost by magic.

During your pre-launch sequence, you can make a point of being in constant communication with these ‘connectors’ knowing that you will get useful feedback. The feedback that you need to adjust your launch story on the fly.

You can be a part of the ‘in-crowd’ just as you were at school. You remember the anguish that some of your class mates went through? They wanted to be seen by others as cool kids who were always at the centre of ‘what was happening’ just like you.

Knowing your customers as well as this gives you an intuitive understanding.

  • The vision to plan your product launch to achieve the maximum engagement.
  • The vision to build the launch conversation.
  • The vision to see where you are on the arc of the launch story at a glance and adjust your tactics to suit

So spend time right at the very beginning to really get inside your avatar’s skin and then express the emotions you discover in your launch story. The more this resonates the better


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Rory Ramsden