Product Launch: The 7 Step Clicks-and-Mortar Launch Strategy

Product Launch On Mainstreet

Product Launch On Mainstreet


Many people think that doing a product launch only works on line. This could not be further from the truth. A clicks-and mortar business can do a product launch offline even if you don’t have a list of prospects to start with. It may cost more set up because you have to budget for buying a list of tightly targeted prospects and the cost of mailing to them but the principles are just the same.


Tapping into the mindset of your core audience is key. Having a clear vision of their attitudes, their fears and most of all their major pain point is a prerequisite to any successful product launch.


To go back to the budget question for a second, because your costs are going to be higher. at least initially, you must have a high ticket offer to make the numbers work in your favor. Don’t try this with a $97 e-book


Obviously if you are an established bricks-and-mortar business with existing mailing lists you are already ahead of the game.


This is an offline product launch in a nutshell…


#1. Market Research – Nothing new here. Just make sure that you have nailed your core audience


#2. Marketing Strategy – Overall your aim is to squeeze your prospects on to a mailing list online so that you can deliver your pre-launch content in the normal way. Follow up those that do not respond with a postcard sequence to encourage further opt-ins


#3. Buy and off-line list – You can search for your list using NextMark – Because you are likely to drop a large chunk of change on this list buy, be very sure that you have stage #1 verified before you get to this point


#4. First Contact Letter – Your ‘big promise’ has to stop your prospects in their tracks and make them want to know more so make sure that it delivers a unique perspective and uses the lexicon that they expect and pushes all the buttons that tell the reader that you know the challenges they face and can help them overcome them quickly


#5.  Squeeze page – Nothing new here either. The lead bait needs to resonate.


#6. Pre-Launch Sequence – Now your into the familiar product launch sequence of emails and online events that is normal.


#7. Launch – Your launch sequence is designed to kill procrastination and boost ROI so make sure you are armed and ready with one or more killer bonuses to boost your conversion rate to the max


You may well find that an offline product launch works better in your market than any other sort – That depends on how web savvy it is –  If you decide to go down this route, your product launch marketing strategy will remain the same. You are just using a different delivery mechanism.


In fact, because people are getting so used to managing their lives and communicating with their friends and business colleague on line, actually getting a piece of mail that is NOT in a ‘brown envelope’ may well achieve a higher response rate.


Just make sure that first contact mail really hooks them in… Then your product launch will go off like a rocket


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Rory Ramsden