The Louder The Thud, Thunk or Boom, The Better

J.K. Rowling

Cover of J.K. Rowling

In “A Little Light Reading, Anyone?” – The New York Times, April 11, 2000 – Alex Kuczynski wrote ‘Toss them on a desk, and you’ll hear what publishers like to refer to as ‘the thud factor.

So how does this apply to your product launch and more specifically your offer ?

In fact properly applied, this powerful tactic will boost your revenue without significantly boosting your investment in terms of time or money.

Let’s imagine that you have a $97 digital e-book ready to launch. Naturally, you will have made it the best you can. So good in fact that you are worried that you will not make a significant return on your investment. After all, the number of J.K Rowlings there are is strictly limited.

The trick is to slice and dice the content in as many ways as you can think of to create a compelling offer with a much higher perceived value. In short, The louder the thud, thunk or boom, the better…

Here we go…

  • Create a ‘lite’ edition of the e-book that focuses on the ‘big idea’ at its core and use it as a lead magnet – the what, not the how –
  • Take each chapter of your e-book, identify the key points and deliver them in the form of a series of bite-sized video lessons
  • Provide transcripts of each video and add check lists, work sheets and process or mind maps
  • Add chapter based audio interviews that you have made with recognized experts speaking on those key points
  • Provide transcripts of these interviews each with an executive summary
  • Bundle each series of chapter based transcripts into separate e-books suitably illustrated with pictures and quotes

Suddenly the perceived value of the content you have has shot though the roof. That’s to say that it could have multiplied by a factor of 10.

What started as a simple e-book has become a video based home study course complete with text and audio supporting products and we haven’t even talked about the original e-book which you could self publish in hard back and use an up-sell !

That’s what’s called ‘Thud Factor’

The ROI on all that hard work is now looking much more rosy.

But Wait – there’s more …

You  now have the means to create an overwhelming offer, add bonuses for fast movers and develop a back end that will boost customer value


You are now ready for your first product launch 🙂

NB. If you’re in the clicks-and-mortar business or e-commerce, you can use the same principle to boost the value of your product

The next step is to hire a product launch manager to guide you through the launch process.


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Rory Ramsden