The Importance of Parables in a Product Launch

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A parable is a short story that illustrates a universal truth. The core myth that runs through your product launch is one such parable. It illustrates the journey that you undertook to arrive at the solutions that you are now offering your prospects

It describes the struggles that you had to endure. The very same struggles that your prospects are probably battling right now. And it offers proof that ordinary people just like your ideal client have won through and are now enjoying the benefits that you are offering.

The parable of a product launch is the marketer in a small niche – medicinal herbs – that you would not take a second look at. I mean who would think that such a niche could support a business with a 6 figure revenue stream. The fact is that it does.

Using such illustrations to demonstrate that your product or service works is very powerful. It is not you coming across ‘all salesy’. It’s a third party speaking directly to your prospects and telling them the success he has enjoyed.

You and I might call this a testimonial but in reality it is a short story that illustrates a universal truth.

The truth that doing a product launch works in any niche large or small.

The truth that doing a product launch will have a profound and long lasting effect on your business.

Since ancient times, we have loved stories. They have been told round camp fires. They have become myths like the heroes journey. They have engaged people and taught lessons in a profound and effective way.

If your product launch is to be a success then you too will have to tell an engaging story and use parables in the language that your audience has come to expect.

It is the one piece of your launch that you just have to get right


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Rory Ramsden