The Harder The Road, The Easier It Gets

Be Unreasonable - Build a Competitive Advantage
Be Unreasonable – Build a Competitive Advantage


That may seem counter intuitive to you but it’s true. It’s all down to perception. You may feel that the easiest way to market your product is the best. In fact, completely the opposite is true. This is probably the best shot you’ve got


The more unreasonable you are the better


Being unreasonable will force you to be original


Being original requires you to innovate


If you innovate you create a unique product


Your unique product will disrupt the status quo


That will put you head and shoulders above your competition


It doesn’t matter how competitive the market is


The impact that you make will be very powerful. You will become the recognized authority. With a product launch under your belt, you will take on the role of  trusted adviser in the minds of your customers.


Positioning your product in your market like this, allows you to charge more than anyone else and have your clients thank you for it.


That’s why I take a long time to select a product launch to work on. I am not interested in putting lipstick on a pig. Having an original offer that resonates with your avatar counts. Having a client who instinctively ‘gets’ this will make his product launch strategy more easy to develop.


I love the fact that you’ve taken the trouble to make your product innovative and original because your product launch will have more impact. It will also be more fun to work on.


Don’t think easier…


Think about creating something that your competition won’t do, can’t do or just plain doesn’t get. This take just a little more effort but you are safe in the knowledge that others will not go that extra mile. You only have to be 10% better than your competitors to achieve 100% more.


And if you do this, you’ll develop a competitive advantage and that is a very powerful thing to have especially when you come to do your first product launch in a competitive market.


It makes a whole lot of sense to me. What about you? Leave a comment and tell me what you think…


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Rory Ramsden