The Hamster Wheel Product Launch System

The Hamster Wheel Product Launch System

Spinning The Wheel...


Doing a product launch as an affiliate or joint venture partner is a great way to segment a list of prospects and convert them into buyers. If, no matter what, these stubborn people have not reacted to any of your existing offers, this strategy is for you…


Step ONE –  The Hamster Wheel Marketing StrategyYou rotate these procrastinating prospects through a series of mini affiliate product launches. Each one targeted at a slightly different micro-niche. As the wheel spins and you make different offers, your prospects self-select a new launch list to subscribe to.


Step TWO – Follow a simple quick product launch sequence for each offer to convert as many as possible to buyers.


Your aim is to find out which ones resonate best.


To make this system work you need a ready supply of original ready-made products and the best place to find them is on Authors are only too keen to promote their books. Each one is an expert in his chosen subject AND there are plenty to choose from.


Here’s how it works…


#1. Buy The Book – It’s crucial that you read the book and like it. You cannot stand behind a product that you have not tested and genuinely like. Make a list of the top 10 questions that spring to mind and put your finger on the one thing that is missing from the book – the missing chapter –  You’ll see why in stage #3


#2. Do The Deal – Offer the author 50% of the net proceeds from the new product launch you will create on condition that he agrees to one or more interviews online. And remember that the selling price you choose will be a lot higher than the few dollars people will pay for the book because…


#3. Create a Crushing Offer – This is where you transform the value of the original book from a few dollars to 100s of dollars


Get the recorded interview transcribed and edited then create the ebook

– Burn the recorded interview onto CDs.

– Get your author to write the “Missing Chapter” – this is your bonus


#5. Pre-Launch Sequence – Plan on doing a quick product launch. The whole thing should not take longer than 5 days.


#6. Launch – Open your cart



The beauty of the hamster wheel product launch system is that someone else has done the hard work by writing the book. All you have to do is boost its perceived value and market the offer to your list. You are offering them something unique, original and exclusive. No-one else on the planet will be offered the same opportunity.


AND… Once you have optimized your sales funnels, you can do an evergreen product launch for each of these little products on a monthly or weekly basis. There’s more you can do to leverage the power of this system not least building out your most successful offers into bigger top end digital products.


Anyone wanting to break into a new niche can use this product launch system to build social proof and credibility so they quickly become seen as the trusted adviser…


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Rory Ramsden