The Half Forgotten Horizontal Helix Product Launch Method

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97% of online marketers miss out on the half forgotten ‘Horizontal Helix’ product launch method because they are focused on making a quick buck by corralling as many joint venture partners as possible without a thought for their customers experience


That corny old long form sales letter packed with spoof testimonials and stock images once trapped the unwary and possibly naive but not any more. The market is more savvy and sophisticated now. The people in your core market are looking for someone with a track record and the credibility to go with it before they will give you the time of day


In the time starved results orientated world in which we live,  your prospects are looking for advice they can trust from a recognized expert. They don’t have the time or the inclination to listen to anyone else. Besides they just cannot take the risk.


That’s where the Horizontal Helix product launch method comes in and it is this…


Take the structure of your sales letter, turn it on it’s side so you can deliver it horizontally, then slice it into bite sized morsels which are easily digestible in five minutes. Now you can deliver your marketing message to your potential customers over 14 or 21 days by email and by inviting them to special on line events.


Here’s the 12 step Horizontal Helix launch process


Huge Promise – Make a huge attention grabbing promise that will stop them in their track


Empathize – Make it very clear that you understand the emotional challenges they are facing. Be specific


Your Struggle – Empathize with your audience and draw them into your story


The solution – Explain how your found the solution. It could just have been a quirk of fate or it may have been a long journey through which you struggled but make sure your are being truthful. People have a sixth sense about these things and ‘know’ instinctively if something is not quite right


Results – This is all benefit driven and is designed to show what people worse off than your ideal client have achieved quickly and easily just by following your methods


Teach a Quick Start Guide – Focus on one crucial challenge and teach your people how to overcome it in 3 or 4 steps. Encourage them to take immediate action. This is a vital step because the ones who do will leave comments on your launch blog raving about how well it works = social proof.


Pivot – Up till now you have not even mentioned that you have a product to sell. Some marketers get so covered away with the last step that they forget to pivot to their killer offer.


Your Offer and the Drill Down – Tell them exactly what they will learn. This all about what your overwhelming offer in detail. Show them the structure, the sections and what each one contains. Keep it simple


Risk Reversal – Shoulder all the risk so that your prospect feels completely safe


Turbulence – This is where you push those mental triggers. Fear of losing out is a strong one.


Knock’em off the Fence – Just when they think that things cannot get any better, you do just that to make your offer irresistible


The Close – Before you come out and tell them the price, pre-frame it.  Don’t be lame like some flimflam market trader  who gradually knocks the price down. Close off the front foot. Give your prospect the rational reasons for buying but don’t forget the emotional ape-brain reasons either


It may seem pretty straight forward and easy to implement but until you have tried it a couple of times you will certainly mess up. Don’t be frightened. Your customers will forgive you almost anything if they trust you and you are open and transparent about things


Just make you drop this process into your product launch marketing strategy and you won’t go far wrong.


But if you are not ready to take the plunge by yourself. No problem. Just contact us now and we’ll be happy to guide you through your whole product launch.



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Rory Ramsden