The Drop Shipping E-Commerce Product Launch

E-Commerce Product Launch

E-Commerce Product Launch


How can a drop shipper do a product launch?


He’s a wholesaler who just fills orders made by dealers who sell retail, isn’t he?


Well take a look at that scenario from a different perspective. Looking at that situation with through a product launch manager’s eyes, the dealers can be equated to affiliates so this e-commerce product launch works like this


Imagine, Mike is in the drop shipping business. He knows that if his dealers do well that he will too. So Mike approaches some of his best clients and suggests a promotion because it’s the end of the year. He has stock to unload at the best prices possible. He knows that some of these items are just commodities. His competitors sell them too.


Mike makes a smart move. He puts himself, not in his customers shoes, but in the shoes of the end user. He taps into their mindset to identify how he can boost the perceived value of his offer by bundling in expert interviews and digital reports that they would love to have.


He asks¬† himself this question…


What are the hopes and dreams of the people who use my products?”


This gets him to thinking about their ambitions. He walks a mile in their shoes because he knows that the buying of his products are not central to the experience. If you’re in a marching band, you need a pair of white gloves but that’s only a means to an end.¬† Your dream may be to be a member of a drum corps so Mike interviews Drum Corps Directors and members and asks them to talk about their passions.


It is a simple step from their to get these interviews transcribed and edited and bound into a simple ebook. Finally he transferrs the recorded interviews to CD-ROM. Armed with these killer bonuses that he knew would excite his clients customers.


This is the email sequence he asks his best clients to send out over the course of 5 days.


Email #1. – The Shot Across the bows


Hey, the new catalog of marching band accessories is on the way to you now. That’s the good news. The bad news is that prices are going up because oil prices and other costs have. But, if you order in the next 7 days we can get the following stock – list hot sellers – These are the all available at the old pre-increase prices. By way of thanks, we’ll give anyone whose order value is more than $400 – your average order value – these killers bonuses – specify – hold the best one back – describe the benefits of getting each one in detail


Email #2. – Use Social Proof


Wow, thanks for your orders. Our phones have been ringing off the hook. – Specify exactly how many customers have called – There are just a few items left. Remember that if you order more than $400 of goods you’ll also get ….


Email #3. – The Mid-Week Booster


Just a quick update on how the marching band accessories promotion is going… Use more social proof … update on what’s sold out and introduce that bonus that you’ve been holding back. Tell the story of how you got the interview and why it’s so great. Finish with a reminder that there are just 2 days to go before the promotion closes for ever


Email #4. – Just 8 Hours Left


This is powerful. Play on the fact that prices will never be this low again and emphasize that even if stock is sold out that you will move heaven and earth to get fresh stock but only if orders are placed by close of business today


This type of quick product launch can be adapted to your e-commerce business too. Develop your own killer bonuses. Bundle them with your offer. Send out the emails of if you only have client names and addresses send out postcards.


The key is to limit the promotion to a very specific time period – using the scarcity trigger leverages sales – An e-commerce product launch by a marching band accessories drop shipper actually did $12,000 of business using a less well optimized template like this with a list of only 450 people. The average order value was $850….



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Rory Ramsden