The Challenge is To Re-Invent Your Business Every Day…

Product Launch - Not just Lightening



The challenge that your business faces is to re-invent itself every day so that it is in a constant state of evolution and optimization. To do this successfully you need a clear vision and a marketing strategy to make it a reality. Next, you need processes and sequences that are tried and tested. Install these and you will be able to reproduce success over and over again.


That’s where product launch marketing comes in.


It’s not just a bolt of lightening that delivers a sudden influx of cash. It should be seen as rolling thunder where you do one launch after another each time ramping up your ROI, each time building your list of buyers and each time taking your business to another level. Having the right mind set before you start is important


Here’s the 12 step process to get you started…


#1: Research your market carefully and find out what keeps your core audience awake at night; what frustrates them; what they long to achieve; Their attitudes to life; and what problem they truly want you to solve


#2: Build a list of prospects. No doubt you have heard the saying “the money is in the list”. To be more accurate you must interact with your prospects and build an emotional bond before asking them to buy anything. Proving that they can help themselves by delivering valuable content will build your credibility and boost their faith in you.


#3: Take a searching look at your competitors products. Buy two or three of the best ones and look at them in detail. What’s missing? what can you improve? How can you introduce a new twist that will position your offer so that it strikes the weakest point in your competition’s armory.


#4: Based on your research. Create a product that your market wants more than anything.


#5: Develop your marketing strategy. Every product launch requires a structure. How will you build momentum? What will you do to grab the market’s attention at the start of your pre-launch sequence? How many events will your pre-launch contain? What format will they take? These are just some of the questions you will need to answer


#6: Develop Your launch story. Your aim is to connect your prospects vision of the world with yours. Do this successfully and success will be yours.


#7: Create an overwhelming offer. Make it irresistible by boosting the perceived value by including video, audio and text downloads. Add bonuses that support and develop the core product. Over deliver on your promises and you will have customers for life.


#8: Create Your Pre-Launch Sequence.
There’s a lot of  copy writing to do. You have email sequences leading up to each event and email copy  after each one too. Then you have to stack the excitement and anticipation leading up to launch day. Then there are several mini sequences to write that you will send out during your launch week. And finally, there’s your stick sequence …. And we haven’t even considered your pre-launch event scripts, your video scripts and and and…


  #9: Assemble your launch team. Focus on what you are good at and out-source the rest. Make sure that you keep those all important external support services well up to speed. Are you using PayPal as a payment gateway? Then who is your merchant provider? You need to have these key services 100% behind you to ensure that you actually get your revenue immediately. A deluge of cash into your account could set off alarm bells and get it suspended pending investigation…


#10: Test, Test and Test Again. You won’t get all the moving parts in your product launch systems integrated perfectly first time so start small by segmenting your list and doing a small ‘beta’ launch. Get feedback from your new customers. What did they particularly like? Dislike? Find unnecessary? They will be happy to help if you ask…


#11: Build Momentum. Focus on the social media where your crowd – target market – hang out. In the run up to the start of your pre-launch sequence, wake up your core audience by running contests and give-aways.  Then hit them with your ‘shot across the bows’ to grab their attention.


#12: Launch Your Product. Now it’s time for the fun part where you get to reap those well deserved rewards. It’s not just about the money, although that’s important. It’s about the positioning that your launch will give you. It’s about building your most important assets – your list of buyers – It’s about building your brand…


Remember that your product launch strategy should be equivalent to ‘rolling thunder’ rather than a flash of lightening. Do a series of launches every 3 – 6  months. Between each, optimize your systems, your offer and your product. Develop new spin off products inspired by the feedback you have received. Cross market one to another.


Constantly having a product launch ‘in the works’ will mean that you will leverage the success of one to boost the ROI of the next.



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Rory Ramsden