The 7 Step Business Launch Formula

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Launch Your Business


You could be forgiven for writing off the strategy of doing a product launch as a one off pop of quick revenue into your business. But if you take a step back for a second and think deeper, you’ll discover a complete business launch system


It starts the moment you enter a niche and start building your list. And works well with information products that you can deliver online or if you are into e-commerce delivering products by mail or courier.


Here’s the overview of the complete system from beginning to end…

#1. Webinar


This is the base. Delivering real value to your prospects in 60 – 90 minute online presentations will build your credibility and position you as an expert authority in your new niche. Each one will need a mini product launch email sequence both before and after.


Plan on doing a series. Record each one. Then put them on almost on auto-pilot. You can now drive traffic at them 24/7 and get a regular inflow of new leads


#2. Seed Launch


Bundle the series of webinars with the transcribed recordings and you have your first product to sell to the list you have built up. Don’t waste time slicing and dicing at this stage. Your aim is to build your cash flow quickly.


You can put new leads through your seed launch sequence after each webinar once you have created your bundle.


#3. Internal launch


Now is the time to build out your product based on the feedback from your seed launch clients. Convert your MP3s into a series of video presentations. Add work sheets, mid maps, quick start guides, check lists etc… Then do another product launch

#3a Beta Launch


Now do a series of beta launches. Each one to a different segment of your list to get feedback on your new bigger offer. Test pricing. Optimize your sales funnel. Build confidence in those external services that your business depends on – bank, fulfillment house etc… – and train your team so that when you go to stage #7 all will run smoothly


#3b. Quick Launch


Need cash flow in a hurry? Doing a quick product launch to fund a tax bill or an unexpected demand on your cash flow is a good reason to bundle a group of smaller products together and sell them at an apparent ‘fire sale’ price with a fixed close out date.


In reality, this offer is completely new because you will never have sold that bundle before.  This is one to add to the sequence when you have been through one complete cycle. You will then have the where-with-all to create a new and original bundle.


#6. Friction Free Launch


This works well if you are a clicks-and-mortar business and essentially is a geo-targeted product launch. You add a mobile marketing element to your launch process to drive traffic which is already on the move to your store.


#5. External Launch


By adding joint venture partners to your proven product launch process, you are extending your reach and will boost your sales by a factor of 10. This is the good news. The so-called bad news is that you will be paying your partners anything between 50% and 100% of the sales they make.


Before you start down this path, make sure you do so with a clear aim in view. Do you want to explode the size of your lists ? Build a group of committed and confident partners ? Strengthen your own expert positioning ? Or simply make a ton of money?


#6. Syndicated Launch


Now that you have built a group of partners who promote for you and you for them. It’s time to syndicate the market. This is an informal way of scheduling your launches so that they don’t conflict with anyone else’s. Speak to the partners that promote for you and find out what they have in their launch schedule. This is certainly worth doing if you have a big product launch coming up. It won’t work in every niche…


#7. Rolling Launch


In stage #1, we talked about putting your webinars on auto-pilot to get a regular influx of new leads loaded into the top of your sales funnel. Now you can do this with each of your fully optimized product launches. So that leads move from your squeeze page straight to an internal launch on a weekly of monthly basis. This is very powerful and allows you to pay for traffic safe in the knowledge that for every dollar you spend you are making a profit.


That’s the business launch system in a nutshell.  But I think you can now see how putting together a product launch sequence like this for a series of different products can transform your business from a struggling start up to one that has the strong cash flow needed to grow organically.


Your business may start up with one core product but as a smart entrepreneur you’ll know that a one-legged business will pretty quickly fall over. So you’ll add different supporting products at different price levels. They will all appeal to the same target market so each one will feed off each others success.


Each one will need a series of product launches. Each one can be cross marketed… One to the launch list of another and vice versa until you are doing one product launch every week. They won’t all be big projects with joint venture partners but they will all boost cash flow.


Putting this business launch system to work in you business will pay dividends hand over fist. Start today…


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Rory Ramsden