The Best Way To Make Your New Product Launch a “Home-Run”

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Get On The Phone


The best way to make your new product launch a home-run is to get on the phone with key customers and listen to what they have to say. Making time to do this is essential. Don’t just blow past this key piece of market research.


It will make the difference between winning out big time and yet another disappointing ROI.


Don’t just do it once…


Plan to do these interviews after each pre-launch event or webinar. Your audience will be amazed when they pick up the phone and find you ready to listen to what they have to say and the spin-offs are substantial.


Here are 5


  • Your product or service will be ultra-focused on your core market


  • Your offer will resonate better than you could possibly imagine


  • You will build an army of committed fans who will go through fire to defend you


  • Getting testimonials will become easy


  • You’ll make more money because of all of the above


It’s a 3 step process…


Step #1 During initial market research – run a few tele-seminars and follow up by asking the attendees to complete a survey – use an incentive to maximize the response – Make sure that the incentive is something you have to deliver through the mail and then phone the winners to confirm that you have shipped it. Now take the time to ask your questions…


Step#2During you call – plan on that being no less than 30 minutes – gently probe to find out more about your customers’ lives, their situation, their hopes, their fears, their over-riding goals and what’s stopping achieving them.


Step #3Record the calls – Then set time aside to analyze them. Notice any common features? What insights did you get from the questions they asked? Can you make them the subject of your next webinar?


You are not going to get through to the core problems in  just one or two calls. But each call will ensure that you can narrow down your line of questioning to focus on the core challenges that your prospects are facing. These insights can then be used to optimize your product and your offer.


Here’s a list of questions to getting you thinking (adapt them to your own situation)


* What is the most appealing feature that the product/service already offers


* Which part of the product or service already being offered could be improved? If so, how?


* If there was one feature or benefit that you could add what would it be ?


* What do you love/hate about similar products and services ?


*Are there any parts of the product or service you feel is redundant?


* What is the most compelling benefit that would make you buy this particular product or service ?


* What is stopping you from buying this product/service right now ?


Notice these are product orientated questions which should be integrated into your chat so they feel normal and natural. Prepare well prepared beforehand. You are aiming to confirm your existing market research and get your people to help you identify key benefits to offer that will make them buy from you in a heartbeat


Take special note of the language they use. Are there any recurring idioms or phrases that this niche market uses all the time? If so, you have to use the same language in your marketing to describe their problems and their desired solutions.



Remember that being a good listener is the key to your success. That way every time you communicate with your core audience you can reflect back their expectations in the language they find normal. Your words will then resonate with them. They will recognize a kindred spirit. Someone who really does understand what they are going through.


If this sounds like a lot of work, then may I suggest that you get used to the idea. Home-run product launches don’t just happen. They are the result of an unquenchable desire to help your prospects get what they most desire. The only way to do this is to intuitively know what’s going on inside their heads. There is no better way of doing this than just getting on the phone with them.


After all if you have a reputation for giving your customers what they want, they are more likely to reciprocate by buying what you have to sell


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Rory Ramsden