The 6 Part Plane Jane Product Launch Basics With Sex Appeal

Plane Jane Product Launch

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Transforming your plane Jane product launch is not as difficult as it may first sound. It is simply a matter of installing a process that once learned can be repeated as often as you like.


You don’t have to buy new super sexy software. No, you don’t have to go out and spend money you don’t have on something that promises to solve your problems at the push of a button… and doesn’t.


In fact, the whole process may seem mundane and ordinary to you but it has the power to transform your product launch into one with sex appeal in your prospects eyes.


And it’s their opinion that matters not yours… So here are the 6 parts


Part #1. Discover the challenge – To do this successfully you have to know your core audience really well. There may be several challenges to choose from so make sure you pick the one that they really really want a solution for more than anything… And that they are prepared to pay good money for because they instantly get the value you are offering


Part #2. Apply you expertise to design an innovative solution People want new and original solutions to old problems. What may have once worked may still work but it will certainly be old and slow. Your goal is to provide today’s solution using modern technology and scientific advances to do the job quicker and more easily.  Being on the cutting edge like this is very appealing to your prospects.


Part #3. Prove That it Works – Test, Test and test again until you have it almost perfect – perfection is paralysis – ask your beta testers for testimonials that you can use later in your product launch sequence. Your aim is to bring your offer to market as quickly as possible. Developing version 2.0 is inevitable  and based on feedback from your first product launch…


Part #4. Develop Your Strategy – I’ve put together a simple fill-in-the-blanks product launch strategy here… So use this to develop yours. It’s all about how you should approach your core audience. That is how they expect to be approached using the language that they understand. Engaging them like this will make connecting with them far easier.


Part #5. Do a Beta Product Launch – All this time you should have been building your list of prospects. Now is the time to segment that list and do a small launch to a few of them to test your product launch sequence. Refine your copy. Get feedback. Smooth out your sales funnel so it becomes a greased slide. Watch your analytics to see your conversions improve as you optimize one piece at a time.


Part #6. Rinse & Repeat – Now you’re ready to go large. You will approach your first big product launch to your whole list confident that it has built-in sex appeal. You will even be able to accurately predict the total revenue based on the customer value achieved in part #5.


This is just the beginning of your product launch cycle. You will pretty soon have version 2.0 ready to launch. Then you will discover other associated challenges that your core audience is facing. One or two may even be more profitable than the first one you selected but you would never have come across them without doing it.


So get it firmly fixed in your head that your first product launch will not be the last. It will be the first in a sequence. Each will build on the success of the last. Each will give you more traction in the market. Pretty soon, you will find that your customers consider you the go-to-guy of  in your niche… It’s onwards and upwards from there



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