The 5 Key Elements in a Product Launch

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The Product Launch Smile


No matter what segment of the market. No matter whether your business is online, offline or somewhere in between a product launch will boost sales and position  you as an expert to be trusted and listened to.


This marketing strategy works whether you’re relaunching an evergreen product or taking a brand new product to market


Here are the 5 key elements in any product launch


#1: Authority


Essentially, by making a new post on this blog everyday, I am proving to you that I am a product launch marketing expert.


By giving you great information that you can use immediately to boost the effectiveness of your marketing,  You can prove to yourself that I know what I’m doing.



#2: Reciprocity

When you give a valuable piece of information away for free, the recipient immediately feels indebted to you. This feeling of reciprocity is a powerful mental trigger which compels people to respond.


By writing a special report giving a step by step process that helps your customers overcome a common problem you can offer it as an ethical bribe in exchange for their email address. Building a highly focused list  of people in your niche is a key precursor to doing a product launch so start now


#3: Community & Social Proof

By giving your people a place to congregate be that on your blog, Facebook page or on Twitter allows them to interact and discover a sense of community.


Their comments create social proof and encourage others to join the conversation. During a product launch you can get the ball rolling by offering an incentive for the best ones made.


#4: Buzz & Anticipation

During a product launch, you should plan on creating a sequence of online events. These are usually a combination of videos and webinars.  Each one carefully scripted to build trust, authority and prove what a friendly guy you are as well as lead your prospects towards their goal by giving them “Results-in-Advance”


By giving them  a tool or tactic which can be used immediately, your prospects can prove to themselves that your system works. This encourages them to comment on your launch blog. Once you have got this virtuous circle in place,  the buzz starts to build.


#5: Scarcity

Building scarcity into your offer compels people to want it more. It is essential that you use a genuine reason. People can spot a phoney a mile away.


For example you can demonstrate overwhelming demand by telling everyone  how many people are on your launch list. If there are 10s of thousands, you obviously cannot hope to sell to them all and  deliver the quality customer service each one expects so you have to put a limit on the number available.


Genuine scarcity works wonders


There you have it.


A quick walk through of the product launch marketing strategy that you should use in your business to boost your sales without doing the same to your overheads. It’s a proven system that works in any niche.


Follow these simple steps through a typical 14-21 day product launch and you’ll position yourself as the ‘brand’ in your market that everyone wants to buy from.


But be warned, there are a lot of moving parts be they technical or big picture stuff, like the use of mental triggers so start small by doing a beta launch and then build from there. Never plan to do just one.


And another thing


Even before you have even created your product or planned your launch, start to build your list.



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Rory Ramsden