The 3 Step Product Launch Sequence Template

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Planning your pre-launch sequence out in some detail before starting your product launch is highly recommended. Just remember not to set said-sequence in concrete. You need to be able to react to events as they develop and adjust your ideas on-the-fly.

Monitoring your launch blog allows you to spot objections that you may not have thought of  and identify questions that you need to answer in your next video or tele-seminar.

Here’s a snapshot of a pre-launch sequence

Product Launch Video 1 — Make a Big Promise

Aim to blow people away by making a big promise and backing that up with plenty of proof. You have to   instantly hook people in and build buzz. Your launch story then has to quickly establish credibility and authority. End by telling people how the second video will build on what you have taught in the first to build anticipation

Tip: Consider offering a quick start guide or useful tool as a PDF  or event a piece of software that your list will get instant value from.  This will give people immediate results and will leaving them wanting more.

Product Launch Video 2 — Empathize, Teach, Provide More Proof

Start with a quick recap of the main points from video #1 and then build from there by hitting on the major pain points identified in your market research and why people are failing to overcome them.  Empathize, then lead your prospects to the solution, emphasizing the benefits as you go. Finish with a super quick ‘how to”give them a taste for what incredible value they will gain leaving them eager to learn more in the next event.

Tip: Don’t forget to tell people to comment below and ask questions if they’re not sure about something. You can encourage people to do this by offering a strictly limited number of scholarships. You’ll have to judge this for yourself based on the number of comments being made

Product Launch Video 3 — The Pivot

Don’t get carried away with teaching and giving valuable content away. Limited yourself to just 3 pieces of your best stuff. Each video is pretty short so use the K.I.S.S. principle and keep grinding on those pain points as you tie them to the benefits that your ‘big idea’ will deliver. Acknowledge the best comments that have been made and answer the big questions.Provide more proof. Crank up the excitement then pivot to your offer. Tell people exactly what they are going to get, how they are going to get it and when. Be specific.

Tip: Don’t come over all cheesey like a market trader knocking down a price to make a sale. Concentrate on the value you are delivering with your crushing offer.

Showtime — Cart Open !

OK, that’s enough detail for the moment. Planning a product launch is not rocket science. Start with your marketing strategy. Break each section down and decide the tactics to use. Then step down again and work on the detail in each part

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