The 3 Step Power Positioning Formula


The secret to a successful product launch is to position it against your competitors so that you strike them where they are weakest and gain traction fast


There’s a 3 step power positioning formula for doing that


Another 3 step formula for writing a stand out value proposition that will tell your community what you can do for them in 12o characters or less
A poorly positioned product will find itself competing in a crowded and competitive marketplace and will quickly lose out to established players. Positioning your offer is therefore your most urgent task. That requires you to discover the most poorly exploited opportunities in your niche. To do this you have to know your competitors better than they know themselves.


Only then will you be able to reinvent a solution to your prospects most urgent need in a way that will deliver the highest ROI

Power Positioning


Now here’s the three step formula for writing your value proposition. The one that quickly communicates your power position to the crowd and tells your prospects what’s in it for them quickly and effectively.


Your product will no doubt have a long list of features and each one of these will have an advantage otherwise it would not have been included. Each advantage will have at least one benefit. First write down your complete list of features. Then beside each one the advantage and finally the most powerful benefit associated with that advantage.


OK… That was simple enough wasn’t it ?


Next, cross out everything that your competitors could claim as a F.A.B for their product or service. Now your list is much smaller. Which is the most powerful benefit on the list?


Armed with your short list, you are now ready to write your value proposition

Value Proposition Formula
Example #1: Leverage your expertise | to build powerful revenue streams | AND spend more time with your family – This is the value proposition for our Pro Launch Service where we build digital products for authors,  experts and trusted authority figures with a proven track record.

Example #2: The only launch ignition service | that stirs up anticipation in your market | and turns your product launch into a big revenue earner before it’s even begun – This where we put your launch in context and ping people’s curiosity so that when you push the ‘GO’ button on your pre-launch your audience is ready and waiting.


Example #3: The only regatta management software | to put your sailing event in the hip pocket of sailing fans everywhere |  and delight your sponsors too – This is for a product launch that we have coming up for some new cloud based software that takes and old problem and reinvents the solution by applying the latest technology.


Example #4: How To Create Your Value Proposition | Offer a Powerful Hook | And Get It Right Every Time –  Here have I have simply use the 3 step formula to create its own VP.



If you’ve been struggling to position your product or service,  these 3 steps will certainly give you a break through and you don’t even have to be a gifted copy writer to do it. First, position your product… Then define your most powerful benefit… and finally write your VP or USP.


Now you are in a strong position to engage with the right prospects at the right time with the right message and your product launch will be more successful as a result.



Your audience will will want to know more.  Follow up by explaining your big idea in more detail. One of the other key benefits to this strategy is that it will quickly deflect time wasters. It will set boundaries around what you do and exclude the people who you know will not want to buy from you.


Your positioning strategy is as much about telling people who it’s not for as the reverse…


If you have successfully positioned your business using a different system,  please tell me how you did it and why it worked for you by leaving a comment below



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Rory Ramsden