The 3 Act Product Launch Sequence

The 3 Act Product Launch Sequence

The 3 Act Product Launch Sequence


A product launch sequence is just like a Broadway play. Both structures have 3 parts. Both set a good character – the hero – against the bad – the villain. You just have to adapt that to your trusted marketing strategy.


In this short post, you will discover what those parts contain so you can put this structure to work in your pre-launch sequence quickly and easily.


Please note however that without having an intimate understanding of your avatar’s – ideal client – state of mind that you will have a hard time creating content that resonates and engages.


The 3 act Product launch sequence


Act #1. – Set The Scene


As in any drama, setting the scene gives the audience context in which the action will take place. It is the back story that leads the audience to understand the main characters and their state of mind.


Your first pre-launch event has to instantly show that you are tuned into your prospects’ wavelength; that you understand the challenges that they face; that your solution as expressed in your ‘big idea’ will deliver the results that they seek; and that people worse off than themselves have been successful using it.


Finish by giving a quick tactic for your audience to put into action straight away that will get them an instant result and tell them what they will learn at the next event.


Act #2. – The Drama Unfolds


Start with a quick recap of the main pain points that you identified in the first event. Then hook your audience in for a second time by repeat the solution and the benefits inherent in your big promise…


Move on to show how the process works and demonstrate the results with real examples. Then provide more proof of the success that your clients have enjoyed.


As in Act #1, finish with another tactic that will get your audience instant results if they take action before reminding them that the third event is coming up in which you will give them an exciting new technique which will help them even more…


Foreshadowing like this causes anticipation and excitement.


Act #3. – The Pay Off


Again remind your audience of the challenge that they face and how your clients have succeeded using your system. Show them case a case study in which a customer is obviously enjoying the benefits you promise.


Use social proof to show the pay-off that your simple techniques have already given by quoting comments from your launch blog. Encourage others to do the same so that they too can become ‘heroes’ too. Before pivoting to talk about your product in detail. Break it down and run through it bit by bit.


The more you tell, the more your audience will understand the power of your system. Bring in a ‘marquee client’ to give you a personal reference and re-emphasize the benefits. Tell everyone what is going to happen next and finish with a call to action – Subscribe to the ‘early bird’ list for example –


Using the results in advance technique which is integrated into these 3 acts allows your audience to prove to themselves how beneficial your offer will be. This is by far the most powerful form of proof that you can use in any product launch and quickly establishes the triangle of trust – credibility, authority and likeability – required before any sale can be made


If you apply this 3 act product launch structure to each pre-launch sequence you plan, you will have a process that has been tested and proven to deliver the right content in the right order quickly and effectively… Boosting your conversion rate and your ROI. All you have to do is put this powerful plan into action… What are you waiting for ?


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Rory Ramsden