Product Launch Strategy #0 The 11 Parts To Your Big Idea

Product Launch Big Idea

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Your product launch is not going to make it into orbit unless it has a big idea to grab your prospects attention. It has to be new and original and therefore have the power to create a whole new micro niche within your original niche. Doing this will position you as a trusted authority. The visionary leader whose incisive thinking reveals solutions that leave your competition watching from the sidelines.


Bottom line: You will attract more business and boost ROI in the process


Here are the 11 ingredients that your Big Idea must have


#1 – Upset the Status Quo: Making yours counter intuitive will mean that it goes against established ideas. Ultimately, it has to shift your prospects view of the solution so radically that life will never be the same again


#2 – Unique: Just because it’s new does not make it unique. A unique idea may have been around for sometime but never given much credence until you came along and explained it in an elegantly simple way which is easy to understand


#3 – Elegantly Simple:  All the best ideas are elegantly simple to explain and to understand. Make sure yours is too.


#4  – Original: You may be applying an idea that is common currency in another market in an original way to achieve results never dreamed of before in your niche. Being original does not mean either that it has to be new or even unique. It just means that you are using a creative approach to the problem.


#5 – Customer Focused:  Your idea must ‘speak’ to your prospects. They must instantly understand the powerful implications that it will have for them. Their gut reaction should be to want to know more because it resonates with their core beliefs


#6 – Attention Grabbing:  It has to jolt people out of their current state. It has to stop them in their tracks and want to know more NOW


#7 –  Transformation: Your prospects should instantly understand how your idea could transform their lives and make them want to know more.


#8 – Powerful Justification:  Supporting your big idea with power examples of how it has worked for others boosts its impact and your credibility.


#9 – Create New Hope: Your prospects may be living lives of quiet desperation. They may feel responsible for their failure. Your idea must instantly re-connect them with hope. The hope that they can succeed this time.


#10 – Quick and Easy: Your big idea must not only be elegantly simple to explain and understand but also quick and easy to implement. By following a simple process, they should get the results they want.


#11 – Support Your Core Strength:  You should always play to your strengths. Your idea should be congruent with yours and build upon them.


Putting these 11 elements together may take some doing but the time will be well spent. The ultimate success of your product launch depends on you distilling them successfully. Your audience will be pre-disposed to want to know more. It will be will far easier to connect with them and get them commenting away on your launch blog.


This social proof is vital if you are to persuade the doubters that, come launch day, they should get off the fence and buy. Your big idea is fundamental to boosting your product launch ROI



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Rory Ramsden