Sun Tzu And The Art of Hiring Your Very Own Product Launch Coach

Sun-tzu and The Art of Hiring Your Very Own Product Launch Coach

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Sometimes, it takes a little personal help to really get your product launch off the ground. It pays to have a fresh pair of eyes check that you are delivering the right message to the right market at the right time. And it pays to do this earlier rather than later. You’ll save time and effort and come launch day, you will reap the rewards you dreamed of…


But the thing is that there are a ton of people out there claiming to be expert product launch managers. And there is no shortage of written material out there that if you had the time to wade through, would help you get launch ready (I even produce some of it here myself).


However, the truth is that it’s much easier to work with someone on an one-to-one basis with regular weekly calls to keep you on track and point out the pitfalls too.  Working in a vacuum with nobody to bounce ideas off is hard. You get sidetracked. Lose motivation and  even goof off from time to time.


Hiring a Jeff Walker trained product launch manager as a mentor will give you new direction and enthusiasm to stay the course. But having a launch coach is not right for everybody. You’ve got to be a serious individual who is really ready to take action now


So why should you hire Rory? I was part of the first batch of product launch managers that Jeff Walker, the launch guru, ever trained way back in 2009 and I have been blogging about this singularly effective marketing strategy ever since. My mission in life is to help you get ready for your launch quickly and easily.


My outlook on the product launch marketing process is based on the fundamental knowledge that you have to have the basics right. As Sun Tzu said in ‘The Art of War‘ – Know your enemy, Know yourself and most of all know the environment if which you will fight – Thoroughly understanding these three essential elements will ensure that your marketing message resonates with your prospects.


They will be predisposed to listen to you because, through your launch story, they will recognize someone who understands their struggle and  their ambitions. And can provide an innovative system to get them there.


To find out more about hiring your very own product launch coach and mentor, the first step is to watch this video and then book a time when we can talk…



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