Product Launch: Steve Jobs Presentation Strategy Crib Sheet

Product launch Strategy Crib Sheet

Steve Jobs


Yesterday, I discussed why the introduction of an antagonist or common enemy in your product launch made it far easier for you to join forces with your audience and stand should-to-shoulder with them against the perceived threat.  Doing this helps people to recognize you as a friend which is the first step to becoming a trusted adviser.


Now, we’re going to see how you can leverage Steve Jobs presentation strategy to boost the effectiveness of your marketing messages including  the idea of an antagonist


Here’s his crib sheet…


#1. Create a Showstopping Headline

The brain craves meaning before details. It wants the big picture so that it can put all that follows in context. Your job is to create a headline in 140 characters or less that delivers this understanding.

Here’s one for the new Ipad… “Less in your hands, more at your fingertips

Notice how this is benefit driven. Use this technique in your headlines and you’ll be golden

#2. Introduce an antagonist

To him, the enemy is a technical challenge found in products made by his competition. The fundamental reason why they don’t work as well as he thinks they should.  This the challenge that he takes on to make the lives and the user experience of his customers better.

He sets out his vision by asking a lot of ‘what if’ questions and then provides the solution. This then becomes the unique mechanism that sets his new shiny product apart and which aligns him with Apple fans everywhere

#3. Strive for Visual Simplicity

Every Apple product is a triumph of simplicity.  There is a message there for you whatever you happen to be selling and it’s this… Don’t get bogged down in the detail. Use the KISS principle. People will then immediately ‘get’ what your saying. Once you have their attention you can judge by the feedback you are getting how to prioritize further information.


That’s it. Use this simple ‘Rule of Three’ as part of your product launch strategy and then apply it to all the copy that you have to write.



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Rory Ramsden