Staying Healthy During Your Launch

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I have not been around much for the last 14 days or so and for that I am sorry.

You see, I was involved in a major launch. The brief was to turn an off line event into an on line event. This we did using a classic product launch marketing strategy straight out of Jeff Walker’s product launch playbook. More about that later…

Anyway, it was full-on while the event lasted. Long days followed by long nights too. When I finally got home, I was good for nothing. My brain was fried and I was beat.  On top of which I caught a cold. Boy, when that happens to me it feels like the Niagra Falls has been temporarily re-located to my nose.

So that’s why I have been abnormally quiet.

Was it all worthwhile? What did I learn? And, what would I do differently next time?

I’m glad you asked!

Well, the event was launched online to an internal list of 5000 people with 4 teleconferences each lasting one hour to build buzz and anticipation as well as launch a new LIVE video service that has been developed for the world of Olympic sailing. Sailstream puts a WiFi network over the racing area wherever that racing area happens to be in the world.

Just like with any online product launch, we didn’t open the actually event  website to the public until ‘launch day‘ or  the first day of the offline event. We just had a squeeze page up until the very last minute where people could go and opt-in to the event. This tactic paid off big time with more than 4000 unique visits during the first two days and 3600 viewer minutes on Sailstream.

The event built momentum and the viewing figures grew and grew to climax at a total of 20,000 unique views.

But back to my point. During any product launch, you will be totally engrossed in what is happening minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day to the point that you forget to eat, drink and sleep enough. So the big take-away is to look after yourself. Plan in advance as much as possible and make sure you have enough help at hand to give yourself a break.

Yes, there were problems. No, we were not able to execute perfectly. But remember, perfection is paralysis. Learn to trust the product launch parachute.

So make sure that you take action. It’s better to be in the wring fighting the good fight than be on the outside acting the critic. Critics are 10 a penny. You will learn more by executing a product launch or any other launch than you will by watching PLF videos. You will build confidence in your own abilities. You will know what you can do better next time. You will have experience under your belt.

Stack the launches. Build momentum for your business and each launch will get bigger.

We’re about to go into another so this launch will build on the last. Product launch marketing principles are rock solid. Just put them into action to reap the rewards.

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