Standing on The Shoulders of Giants…

standing on the shoulders of giants

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Incentivizing your joint venture partners is a key product marketing strategy. However you must make it as easy as possible for those JVs to promote your product. The more effective you are at doing this, the more credibility you will have with them.

The more confidence they have in you, the more willing they will be to recommend your products and services.

What It Is: Giving your affiliates and Joint Venture partners all they need to promote your product. Swipe email copy that ‘sells’ is essential but it should also build your expertise in the process.

Why It’s Powerful: When you say positive things about yourself – it’s suspect and comes off as bragging.  But when others give you accolades it comes off believable.

Example: Promoting yourself by arranging tele-seminars and webinars with your affiliates builds your credibility and allows you to show your deep understanding of the challenges that your market is facing and provide proof that your product is a super effective solution.

This not only helps your affiliates make sales, your entire product marketing strategy will quickly build momentum.  Even if they do not end up buying your product, you will be on their radar so next time you go into a launch sequence they are going to sit up and listen.

How To Do It: First off, make sure that you can provide the key metric that all your affiliates want…

What is the dollar value of each prospect ?…$10?… $50?… $100?…


How much money will I make by promoting your product?

Second… Provide your affiliates with all they need by way of swipe copy and incentives as well as what you’d like the world to know about you. When your doing a big new product launch with lots of JV partners, you are in fact running two launches at the same time …one to your prospects and one to your JVs.

You have to provide just as much proof to your affiliates as you do to your prospects.

Doing this allows your partners to position you and extol your accomplishments.  It’s incredibly powerful – so spend the time it takes to really make it tight, packing a wallop of proof in a small space.

Then every time you do a deal – you’ve expanded your credibility.

So there you have it. Your product marketing strategy has to be a two edged sword.

One edge has to cut through the fog and the noise in your market place so that people sit up and listen.

The other has to stop your JVs in their tracks and get them promoting for you…

With the necessary proof they will, so make sure you also take the opportunity to leverage their efforts and build your own standing in the market place too.

Standing on giant’s shoulders is an excellent product marketing strategy.


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Rory Ramsden