Stacking Launches Produces Powerful Results

The Ipad2 product launch in New York

The Ipad2 product launch in New York

Case in point. Apple have just pulled off another stunning product launch.

The Apple store in New York attracted 1000s of good-natured fans for the 1700hrs  Ipad 2 debut last Friday as reported by who kindly provided the picture (right)

This is no accident.

  1. Innovative ideas disrupt the status quo and leave competitors scrambling to catch up
  2. Cool product designs boost emotional apperal
  3. Regular updates keep the market wanting more
  4. And stacking product launch upon product launch produces powerful results

Product launch marketing is not therefore just confined to the ‘make money on line’  space. Big brands use it. Hollywood uses it. You can use it too.

Stacking launches really pays off. Don’t make the mistake of just doing one.

Each succeeding launch is more powerful than the last. Your position as the authority figure in your market is strengthened. Your brand becomes more dominant. Your ability to command higher prices is, as a result, enhanced. Your ROI is improved. Your customer value is boosted. And the emotional bond between you and your core customers becomes almost unbreakable.

The message is loud and clear.

Doing a product launch is not the exclusive preserve of well known brands. It is how you become a well known brand. And you can do one too, no matter what market you are in.

At the core of every successful launch is your ability to provide what the market wants even though they may not know they want it before you provide it. Pulling this off is down to your ability to understand the conversation going on in your customer’s head.

You know, that endless back-and-forth discussion that you have with yourself. The Shall-I-Shan’t-I prevarication that goes on before any major decision. Your lizard brain – as Seth Godin calls it – is constantly calling for caution. Your get-up-and-do-it brain is saying get on with it. More has been lost by not making a decision than by making the wrong decision.

And another thing

The only way that you will truly find out whether something works for you, even product launch marketing strategies, is to give it a shot. Having done one, you’ll wonder why you never had the initiative to do one before. You’ll quickly realize that ‘stacking launches’ is the most effective and powerful way to get powerful results

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Rory Ramsden