Social Proof: The Key To Success in Your New Product Launch

We’re hard wired to seek the approval of our peer group when making decisions

In Product Launch Marketing, this basic human need for the approval of others has to be put to good use on your launch blog. By providing valuable content and helping others to overcome the challenges they face, the natural human reaction is for these people to ‘relate’ to you and owe you a debt of gratitude.

However, you should realise that these people play different roles as proven in recent research carried out by Gartner late last year. There are…

– Connectors – who do just that by introducing or referring people or products to others

– Mavens – who are information brokers or knowledge exchangers

– Salesmen – who have extensive networks of contacts

Whatever, the type it pays to become a part of their conversation.  To do that you must first do your market research. You have to understand their hopes and fears; what keeps them awake at night and what their biggest challenges are.

The product can then be designed to provide the answers to those challenges. Next comes your launch story which should push all their hot buttons. It is only then that your core market will engage with you and provide the social proof that is essential if your new product launch is going to be a success.

Gartner found that social proof plays a significant part in people’s buying decisions. In fact, the social connectors, mavens and salesmen are key influencers in 74% of those decisions.

It is wrong to assume that these people just hang out on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare although that is where they may be most easy to spot. They can also be seen at work on forums, commenting on other blogs in your market place and on video sharing sites.

That is why a judicious amount of online advance networking is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Build yourself a presence by answering questions on such sites as yahoo Answers, Aaedvark – owned by Google, Foursquare – local marketing, and soon on Facebook’s ‘Questions’ tool which is in Beta testing now.

Then when it comes to your new product launch, you won’t be spamming these sites when you make passing reference to your new product in the right context.

The moral of the story is biblical. You have to give before you can expect to receive. You have to offer great content for free before people’s ‘scam – meters’ get switched off and they are prepared to ‘friend’ you, be that on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or indeed on your launch blog.


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Rory Ramsden

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