Selecting a Fulfillment House…10 Criteria To Watch out For

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Getting ready to do a new product launch? As with anything, preparation is critical. And that includes involving your duplication and fulfillment partner in the loop early in the process.

As you plan your product launch you’ll be lining up your affiliate partners, developing your website, recording audios and/or videos, designing your product graphics and a whole lot more.

Bottom line: You’ll be juggling a lot of balls and it can be easy to overlook important details if you don’t have a well-worked product marketing strategy – and you should –  for your business

It’s almost always better to use a fulfillment house – vs. trying to do it in-house – unless it’s a VERY small product launch

Some places will only duplicate product and some will only do the fulfillment. I prefer working with all-in-one houses that will do both. That way you don’t have to worry about shipping costs between facilities and product getting lost in transit (it’s happened…) is my current recommendation. They do it all.

When getting a quote from here’s what to consider:

  • Kitting Charges?
  • Product Storage Charges?
  • Shipping Costs of Materials
    between manufacturing and fulfillment house if it’s not all under one roof
  • Fulfillment Costs
  • Shipping Costs – Domestic & International
    They get breaks from Fedex and other shippers… do they pass them along to you?
  • Product Duplication Costs
  • Processing costs for returns
  • International Orders & Special Requirements
  • How will returns be processed?
  • Order details from order system to the shipping process

Just 10 items to consider when choosing a partner to work with on your new product launch. I stress the need for reliability. When a customer places an order your need to know that their product will leave their facility within 24 hours. That is 2 items

  1. The product has to be dispatched quickly and efficiently
  2. You need to know that it has left the building so you can send a mail to your customer saying so and advising them when to expect it.

There’s nothing worse than working 24/7 on a product launch only to be let down at the last moment when it comes to getting your brand new product delivered.

So best to get that important partner on board early. Work out their requirements.

Where are they flexible?

What order do they need to do things?

Then factor these into your product launch plans early.

Did I suggest that you start by setting an ideal launch date and then working your schedule back from there?

It’s a great way to find out whether you have set an impossible deadline for yourself. If you have, extend a little and remember the curve balls that inevitably will come your way so best to leave some elbow room.

One product launch after another gets delayed because of poor planning. Which is why I suggest that you start small with a beta launch to a small number of people on your list and then work from there.

There are a lot of moving parts in a large external product launch with plenty of JVs and affiliates so don’t fall flat on your face by trying one before you’re ready

How do you want to deliver your product and why? Have you really thought that through? Leave a comment below and give me your top 3 reasons


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Rory Ramsden