Product case Study: Rich and Clayton Go in to Pre-Launch Phase with Their Total Package Business Building Launch System

Rich Schefren and John Makepeace are steaming into a new launch. This time it’s their Total Package Business Buildin System which is all about romancing your prospects to amp up your response rates.

Well there’s a lot more to it than that such as …

  1. Topicality
    This is all about making your content, be it in an email or on a blog, relevant to the news or conversation in your niche. Laser focus on this because you are adding to something topical in a useful and valuable way. if your comments are seen to be insightful, you will build authority in the process.
  2. Using Psychological Triggers
    There is nothing new here that Jeff Walker and Frank Kern have not already talked about.
    Let’s see…
    Crowd psychology – if everyone else is taking this action, then I should be too.
    You have this one hard wired into your psyche at school. You want to run with the in-crowd, be one of the boys, be seen as one of the cool kids so you listen to what the crowd is saying and do what the crowd is doing. When buying on line, people get references and recommendations from their friends on the social media networks like Facebook. They are more likely to act on their friends recommendations than on any other. [see entertainment below] Fear and Greed – the basest of human emotions but nevertheless powerful ones when put to work withing your pre-launch content.
    Scarcity – this works like a charm only if the reason you give is genuine. You have to mean what you say and say what you mean.  Used in conjunction with deadlines, you’re on to a winner with this. First you have to build buzz and anticipation. Without them, scarcity is ineffective.
    The desire to ‘touch the hem of the guru’ – with respect, this goes back to Jesus Christ. Today you can use it by setting up a blog and inviting people to comment on your posts. As the go-to guy in your niche, when you get involved in the conversation by interacting with your commenters, you will build rapport.
  3. Stacking Deadlines
    This is one is super effective. Used properly each deadline will ramp up your response rate. Each time, you announce a live chat or release a new piece of valuable content, you build in some scarcity by requiring a response  by a certain date and time. The first time you do this. Not everyone will believe you. The second time, the number that do will increase. The more value you deliver each time, the more your response rate will rise. Your prospects are getting used to taking action when you ask them to. They are getting good value in return. This training comes in handy when you open the shopping cart and send that final ‘buy now’ email to them. John Makepeace talks of giving discounts for meeting deadlines. To me discounting, is the kiss of death. Add value… Yes… Discount…never.
  4. Entertaining your prospects
    Frank Kern is a master at this particular technique. Being an entertainer makes you like-able. If you are seen as a friend, you are well on the way to developing a ‘trusting relationship’ with the people on your list. That just leaves the need to establish your authority using social proof.

The first piece of pre-launch content is supposed to explode into your consciousness and grab your attention. The Total Package Business Building Pre-launch got underway with more of a whimper than a bang. You’ll have to wait for the second installment on January 28th to see whether Rich Schefren and Clayton Makepeace can up their game. I won’t be able to join you as I will be on a flight to join John Carlton, the kick-ass copywriter in San Diego.

Don’t forget to tell me what Rich and John add by commenting  below


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