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If your product marketing strategy can be compared to a recipe for an exotic cake, then ‘mental triggers’ or what I prefer to call ‘hot buttons’ are the unctious flavors – chocolate, ginger, cinammon or vanilla – that you add  to produce rapturous appreciation and boost the desire to be greedy.

The difference between a keen home cook and a professional patissier is that the one adds the flavoring and hopes that it will have the desired effect whereas the other knows exactly how much to add, when and in what combination. This knowledge and experience ensures that customers keep coming back for more.

What it is: Mastering the art of integrating hot buttons into your product marketing strategy will transform your prospects into raving fans so here’s what we’ll cover in the next few posts…

  1. Which hot buttons to use
  2. When to use them?
  3. How to use them?
  4. And which ones to combine to get the maximum effect

Why it’s Powerful: Since way back when, marketers have known that it is the emotional side of the brain that makes the buying decisions. The key is the  judicious, almost surgical use of hot buttons to spur the desire to buy and buy now.

Remember, these are powerful forces which used clumsily could come back to haunt you when buyers remorse sets in. When faced with a skeptical partner, your new customer better be ready with that powerful list of features you gave him to justify his ‘buying decision’.

How To Do It: The hot buttons to push are the ones most likely to resonate with your avatar. The ones that grind away at his particular fears and frustrations whilst proffering the sun-lit uplands – benefits – which will be quickly and easily reached if he buys your product.

Example: Say, you are selling an e-book that will stop your dog barking, talk about…

  • Fear – having to get rid of the pet they love
  • Relief – not receiving constant complaints from the community
  • Pride – in having a well behaved dog that everyone admires

Marketing is not only rooted in business but also in the irrational human condition.

When you understand this, you will be on the high road to boosting your top line sales; improving your metrics and therefore being able to attract more joint venture partners to promote your products and services.

Knowing the triggers and how to pull them is the essential first step. Failure to appreciate the powerful forces you are playing with, could be dangerous.

Learning to Layer one upon another so achieving a depth of flavor as our patissier did with his exotic cake is all a matter of timing and technique.

There’s no need to continue struggling to make money. Used sparingly and accurately you can launch your new product to that satisfying jingle of cash cascading into your bank account.

Create a vivid picture of  your core customer and you will transform your ability to ‘pull his strings’ when it comes to your launch sequence. The better you know him, the better your marketing message will resonate with him, the more likely he is to engage with you, join the conversation and buy your product. The success of your product marketing strategy depends it.


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Rory Ramsden