Product Launch Marketing: What’s in it for you?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to push that big green button , open  your shopping cart and unleash a firestorm of starving buyers desperate to siphon a cash bonanza into your wallet?

Well your next product launch is a golden opportunity to find out…

Do it right and this is what happens

  • You become the Go-to-Guy [or Gal] in your niche. When you speak, people will listen because they like, trust and respect you. Your e-mail open rate will soar.
  • Your Mailing lists will bulge with new prospects and buyers. They’ll be warm and responsive and ready to buy again and again and again. Just press the send button and watch money pour in. Nothing in the world is more powerful than a responsive mailing list.
  • Your Joint Venture partners will love you more than their new Feraris for the checks you send them [Think of it like this… the money you keep is Free. You would never have had it without those JVs] They’ll beat your down your door for the opportunity to promote your next launch.
  • Every succeeding launch in the sequence we plan will be bigger than the last. Like thunder rolls across the sky after a lightning strike, you’ll ramp up your ROI and transform your business into an onrushing express train.
  • You may see a years worth of sales in your one-week launch period so your employees will be blown away by the experience but they’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear at what the launch team achieved
  • Oh… and did I mention that you’ll make some money as well! Loads of it

If we work together, you and me, your product launch is quite likely be the single biggest leverage point your business has experienced to date. Period.

Naturally, all this takes planning. Detailed planning. Not to mention testing and more testing. We don’t recommend that you go for the ‘big daddy’ launch straight out of the box.

We all need to be sure that

  • Your business support network including your bank, online merchant, shopping cart provider etc… must be fully aware of what you are about to let off the leash. [You don’t just tell them, together we’ll show them by doing a more modest launch first] The last thing we all need is to have your online merchant account frozen. We can help you choose the right one
  • Your pre-launch content ideas have to be optimized and sequenced logically to create  the maximum anticipation and buzz.
  • Your blog copy, JV e-mail copy, JV list e-mail swipe copy in triplicate, your prospect email copy and your existing customer e-mail copy are all sequenced and templated.
  • Your videos have to be scripted, bracketed with stunning graphics, filmed and re-filmed until they are perfectly paced and ready to be edited into the finished article. Do you feel comfortable in-front of the camera? If not what?
  • The launch team has to meld into one organic being. There can be no weak links in the chain. They have to work as if they are one superhuman assault team who are itching to knock it right out of the park and then some.

Now you are probably wondering how much these product launch marketing guys are going to set you back.

Well… it’s really a win-win sort of a deal

We get paid when you get paid. That is we work on a percentage of the pre-return’s gross cash that gets dumped into your shopping cart.

Naturally, you have to pay a fee to get on our calendar. We can only take on 2 or 3 clients per year so our time is valuable and we must know what our schedule is well in advance. It would be unfair on our other clients if we didn’t insist on this.

If you’ve read this far, you must want more information

This is how can you can get the ball rolling

It’s pretty simple.  Take 5 minutes to complete these 20 questions.

They’re designed to give us a good idea of where you are coming from. We’ll  call you within 48 hours.

We look forward to a doing business with you

To Your Success

Rory Ramsden

The Product Launch Marketing Guy

PS Of course, there’ll be more questions later. You won’t finish the second batch in 10 minutes. That’s for sure. However, the time you devote to each question will pay off 100x when it’s time for your launch.

PPS Please answer these questions as completely and honestly as possible We are keen to get off on the right foot.

PPPS This process is designed to pull enough “raw data” out of you to allow us to help you so PLEASE  answer these questions the best you can.


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Rory Ramsden

Specialist focusing on getting new products ready to launch and re-launching ever-green products to the online community. What can a Product launch marketing do for you? - Significantly increase your ROI - Explode the size of both prospects and client email lists - Build strong rapport between your clients and your company - Dramatically increase the number and quality of your JV partners and affiliates - Make your business the 800lbs Gorilla in your market - Leverage your newly found cash flow and positioning to accelerate your growth - Send employee morale soaring to new undreamed of levels To get these benefits, we'll assist you to develop a strategic and tactical plan for your coordinated launch…There are a myriad of tools and tactics to use in an online product launch including - email lists - blogs - surveys - special reports - sales letters - autoresponders - video and audio presentations - webinars - squeeze pages - Social Media - Networking As professional product launch manager, we will help you select the most appropriate for your needs. Remember Product Launches work for all types of products and services, evergreen or new so contact me to find out more +33637500988 Specialties The Launch Systems Toolbox This limited consultancy will assess your state of readiness in 6 key areas. The fee is typically set against our fees for piloting your complete launch. []