Product Launch Marketing: Beware of Creative Thinking!

Is it necessary for your product launch marketing strategy to be 100% original? Is it your goal to develop products that are truly superb? Is it your intention to give real value to the prospects who visit your site?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to the first two of those three then…

Have you ever considered that your overarching desire to only deliver creatively new ideas may be stopping you making money through product launch marketing

It’s inevitable that you reach a moment when you finally stop prevaricating and say “That’s it, I’m going to stop fiddling about and launch what I’ve got using product launch marketing ideas that are copied”?

Just remember that the top internet marketing gurus all are happy to admit that the majority of their output is nothing new So using a competitor’s proven idea is not reprehensible as long as you improve upon what is already a successful formula and change it’s context, don’t you agree?

As online marketers, we have to try to improve our ROI by testing against a control Few of us have the time to do this as assiduously¬† as we would like so the next best thing is to ‘swipe’ an idea that has already been tested and shown to work.

Just don’t be too obvious about it. Let’s be frank, the fastest way of transforming yourself into a top wordsmith is to find some long copy sales pages that you know have made someone millions of dollars and write them out in pencil or pen

Doing this, will ensure that your sales letter actually sells. Great! Creative thinking is great but it does not necessarily earn you money It just has to do the job you want it to which is to turn prospects into buyers

Otherwise why would you be launching your new product?

So succeeding with your launch marketing strategy is just the same. All you need do is copy the ideas that worked for someone else then employ exactly the same marketing tools and tactics having watch how their plan develops

I’m not proposing that you start hanging around their front gate but become a student of the most successful marketers and note down what they do, then do it, you’ll be a success

You will have the chance to synthesize what you learn, put your own spin on their product launch marketing ideas and come up with something that appears to the whole world as something totally new and remarkable.

Just bear in mind that your product must be markedly different from those of your competitors to give it a chance of success when you launch it. For it to be excellent is not necessary, it just has to be better Please don’t forget that you have to get the first version of your product well and trulylaunch ready

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