Product Launch V Product Release

The Queue Ends Here

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Here’s a question that troubles prospective clients who have never done a product launch before.

What’s the difference between a product release and a product launch?

The simple answer is that when you release a product, you release it onto the market before broadcasting its existence using press releases and advertising in the hope that your target market will be attracted to it.

It’s a bit like throwing mud at a wall and hoping some of it sticks.

It’s expensive and ineffective.

The drawback with the ‘release’ model is that your marketing messages are often lost in the noise bombarding your prospects daily. Their default position is to to ignore broadcast advertising and promotions as much as possible

…Especially those from unknown brands or products they haven’t heard of.

On the other hand, when doing a product launch, the marketing comes first and is specifically designed to engage your target market through a carefully planned pre-launch sequence of events.

The focus is on highlighting the benefits that your prospects will experience whilst ethically triggering their desire to buy and buy now.

The process is designed to identify a hungry crowd, deliver what they want in the way that they want it and set up a feedback loop enabling you to optimize your offer to meet specific needs and desires.

It is this that makes a successful product launch almost guaranteed

That’s why Apple inc. uses the product launch marketing model to ensure that their raving fans are queuing round the block to buy their latest must-have gizmo.

That’s why Hollywood uses a very similar model when launching a new blockbuster movie to ensure that millions of dollars change hands the day its shown for the first time.

That’s why you should use it to launch your new product whether you are a clicks-and-mortar business or wholly on line.

Product launch marketing is probably the most effective strategy on the planet. It works in any market even yours…


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Rory Ramsden