Product Launch: The Value Staircase, Proof and Credibility

The Product Launch Value Staircase
The product launch value staircase clearly shows how you can build your revenue streams as you climb. What is implied but not always realized is that on each step up, you are also required to demonstrate a commensurately higher level of proof and thus a deeper level of credibility before you will be successful at that level.

So the key to your success is to devise a medium term business strategy that builds your credibility.  The million dollar question [literally in this case] is how can you do this quickly and effectively.

The answer is through a series of product launches each focused on building your online business in a very particular way.

First, let’s just acknowledge at the outset that your ultimate aim will probably be to make a ton of money. But let’s also agree that money is just a way of keeping score and is therefore just a by-product of your success. First you must do the spadework.

First you must build your credibility in three key areas…

1. Your market place
2. Your JV & Affiliate Partnerships
3. Your essential business support partners

So, what should your online business building product launch strategy look like?

Consider this 4 step new product launch process.

New Product Launch #1: Beta launch

Look upon this as your Beta launch… This is your first internal launch based on a segmented part of your list which is designed specifically to test the response you get from your existing systems and get feedback on your offer.  This launch will deliver essential metrics and enable you to optimize everything. You may need to repeat this process again to ensure that the changes you have made have improved your metrics

Outcomes: Feedback received, base line metrics established, Video Testimonials and Case Studies obtained,  Initial proof elements established, offer improved, sales funnel refined, real engagement with a small part of your list, creation of raving fans leads to testimonials and case studies + you begin to register on some affiliate partners’ radar….

New Product Launch #2: Internal Launch

This is a bigger version of your beta launch using your improved offer to the whole of your prospect list. Remember this is still an internal launch so you have no affiliates. It may be small but you get to keep every dime of every sale you make [you deserve this pay day!]  Your product will probably have evolved and moved up the product launch value staircase also. You can do this by simply taking your original e-book and adding a video series or podcast series. This will require that you amp up your product creation systems too.

Outcomes: More feedback from online surveys, metrics show real improvement, more video testimonials and case studies to add to your library, another layer of proof elements, now you have an engaged list of buyers and just as importantly an engaged list of prospects who open your emails, you can now further optimize your offer and refine/evolve your product. You now have affiliates contacting you asking to promote your product.

New Product Launch #3: Limited External Launch

You have the metrics to prove conversion rates and you have the video testimonials to prove that affiliates will not be burning their lists but offering their prospects real value. In fact, you have now built your credibility to such an extent that you convince the limited number of JV Partner and Affiliates who have contacted that they should promote for you.

You will probably not make as much money out of this product launch as you made from the previous one but that is not the object. With this launch you want to build the size of your lists and create a warm relationship with them. You’ll be giving away at least 50% of the list price and you should be prepared to offer more if you’re lucky enough to snare a ‘big dog’ in your affiliate net.

Outcomes: More feedback, metrics, testimonials and proof elements that you can deploy in your next launch + use to attract more JV and Affiliate Partners. You are now on a roll and beginning to be seen as one of the go-to guys in your niche. Your product can be tweaked some more as can your offer

By now you are probably on level 4 of the product launch value staircase or close to it with your Home Study Course 1.0

New Product Launch #4: Full External Launch
Now you’re aiming to attract as many quality JV and Affiliate partners as you can. You may need to work with a JV Manager to make this launch happen. This time you expect to knock it out of the park by exploding the size of your lists and making some money on top. Your key aim is to write as many big checks for your partners as possible!

This’ll be the biggest launch yet. You are not overly concerned by that. Your sales funnel has been fully tested and tweaked.

Just as importantly, you have built up credibility with all the supporting services that you use like your merchant account, your payment gateway, Paypal, your bank, your fulfillment house, customer service and tech support. If they do not have  confidence in you then this launch will not happen. Your account could be frozen and all that hard earned credibility trashed.  They are key people in your product launch value staircase.

To get your army of affiliates on board not to mention your affiliate manager, they too will need to be convinced that they will not only get paid but they will be paid quickly, all whilst delivering real value to their lists.

Outcomes: You have really built your credibility to levels that you could only dream about when your wrote your product launch strategy. Now you can seriously consider putting on LIVE Workshops. When you say that there are only a limited number of seats, your prospects will not need to be convinced that you are being honest.

So there you have it…
The perceived value of your offer, the price point and your credibility are all tightly woven together in the product launch value staircase.

If you try and skip past the essential first steps, you will not have built your credibility in the three key areas I mentioned before which are…

1. Your market place
2. Your JV & Affiliate Partnerships
3. Your essential business support partners

You need to have credibility with all three groups before your dream of earning a ton of money becomes a reality.

May be there are too many so called marketers on the web trying to shortcut the process?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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