Product Launch: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Wanting to hire a product launch manager to help you take your business to the next level presupposes that you already have a product that addresses a highly targeted audience with money to spend. It’s also a clear indication that you recognize that you need help to leverage the power of launch marketing to maximize your ROI.


But he will look at you with a quizzical eye. He is not there to create a business for you. He’s there to optimize the product launch process and make you money. That means you will have a track record of success and not be a complete newbie in the world of online marketing. It also means that you will be smart enough to know that if you borrow marketing strategies that have worked incredibly well in one niche and put them to work in another, they will work there too.


So your chosen PLM will want to know where you are coming from, where you are now and where you want to be in the medium and long term. He will also want to assure himself that you have ambitions to do a sequence of product launches in which he can be involved. So you have to start by establishing credibility and trust…


Do this by laying out your current thinking in these 5 areas


#1. Launch Strategy Be quick to reassure him that you have narrowed your niche so that it focuses on a very specific group of people who are struggling with a real problem that you can solve quickly and easily. The narrower your niche, the more specialized your product or service, the more you can charge for it because your audience will instantly ‘get’ the value of what you are offering. It’s then just a simple process of building credibility and authority with them so that they have the confidence to buy from you


#2. Launch Structure It may be your first product launch so be sure to explain that you realize that you have to do a sequence of launches to optimize your processes and sequences before going for the big one. Building up to your big pay day like this ensures that it really will be just that. You will have taken the time to get feedback, optimize your product and your offer too so that they really resonate with your core audience.


#3. Product launch Story – The people in your niche want to know about you. They want to know why they should listen to you. They want to know how you stumbled upon the solution to the challenge which they are struggling with. Telling them your story will help them understand and hook them into your product launch. By the time you finish telling it they will know that they are dealing with someone who is one of them. They will see you as a friend. They would far rather by from someone they know than a complete stranger


#4. Offer Positioning – Positioning your offer well is an integral part of your online success so make sure that you have done a SWOT analysis of your top competitors and know their strengths and weaknesses. You can then discuss your big idea with your product launch manager and position your offer to get maximum traction and position you as the expert authority in a completely new micro-niche


#5. Current Assets – Now you’ve covered 4 key areas, it’s time to talk about your existing assets. These fall into two groups. The first includes such things as your existing mailing lists – prospects and buyers – Facebook business page, Twitter presence etc… The second is all about existing products that you own that you can bundle into your offer, your track record, your client list and much more. These can all be put to work in your upcoming product launch so make sure you list every one of them


Working with a product launch manager is about setting a strategy, creating a plan, and executing that plan all the way to completion. Your launch sequence cannot be set in stone before you start. You have to be prepared to make adjustments on the fly as you monitor the feedback you’re getting. A successful product launch is not about you or your PLM. It’s about the response you are getting in your market place.


The truth of the matter is that there are good product launch managers, bad ones and ones whose results are just plain ugly. So be careful to evaluate not only whether the one you hire knows his stuff but also is someone who you know you can get along with. After all, you’ll be spending quite a lot of time together so it makes sense.


As a Jeff Walker trained product launch manager, Rory Ramsden provides an end-to-end product launch service customized to your needs. It boosts customer engagement, over delivers on value and leverages your existing assets to maximize your ROI. To take the next step, book your FREE launch strategy evaluation now…



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