Product Launch: The 7 Part Sequence To Stacking The Cool

Product launch: Stacking the Cool...

Stacking the Cool...


Detailing every aspect of your product launch marketing strategy and time line is crucial. Let’s imagine that you are deep into your pre-launch sequence. Beyond the 3rd piece of content. This could have been a video in which you have pivoted from delivering valuable content to laying out in as much detail as possible what your offer includes.


Make this overwhelming. So overwhelming that your prospects must be left gasping for breath at the value you are going to deliver.


Note: Do not under any circumstances mention the price here


There’s 3 or 4 days to run now before you finally push the GO button and open your cart


This is no time to go fishing. Your product launch is just days away


Now is the time to stack the cool in a mini sequence of daily emails.


Here it is…


First tease your prospects with the prospect that something totally awe inspiring is coming in the next few days – be specific about the day here – build anticipation and buzz to the max and use social proof… the number of comments on your product launch blog and quote one or two of the best


Second, announce that you will reveal this very special thing during a last minute video that you are rushing to set up. Tell them exactly when it’s going to air… add more social proof



Third – Do this if your price is at the top end or beyond for your niche – reveal the price…Is it a one pay deal or are you offering a three pay? Add a special one-to-one or exclusive bonus for those paying in full


Your fourth email is a quick reminder. The video is up. Go there now….


During the last minute video -popularly known as the ‘Fireside Chat’ – start by saying you are about to reveal that ‘special thing’ but before you do, you want to answer a few important questions – these are really the 3 to 5 most frequently heard objections – This is your big opportunity to nail these potential deal killers and leverage your prospects’ burning pain points to move them towards pulling out the ‘plastic’. They cannot afford NOT to buy…


Encourage people to join the early bird list to get a one hour head start. These lucky people get to jump the queue andĀ  buy before the rush startsĀ  after the official launch time. The more social proof you use linked to the ‘scarcity trigger‘ should push prospects to subscribe.


Finally reveal the big bonus you promised and the date and time the cart opens.


Fifth… This is in two parts. One to the early bird list. The second to the launch list reminding people of the date and time of cart opening.



Sixth… One hour to cart open to your launch list. It’s open rush there NOW before the crowd arrives to the Early Bird list .



Seventh… It’s open to everyone


This pressure cooker effect- Stacking the cool – builds excitement and the anticipation necessary to cause a rush of orders on launch day. The more excited people are the more comments people will make. The more social proof you get. The more you can build anticipation. It’s a winner


Maxing out the last few days like this enables you to get a good feel for the level of sales you can expect. With things looking good, you can fly straight into your launch sequence. If your spidey sense is telling you that things are not ‘happening’ then it’s decision time… Stop now or Go on and risk having a product launch disaster ?


The early bird list buyers even out the load on your servers and allows you to do last minute checks on all your systems in a controlled way. Stacking the cool in the last few days of your product launch build up is an essential marketing strategy..



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Rory Ramsden