Product Launch: The 2nd Worst Offer Ever Made

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If the worst offer ever made is no offer at all, then what is the 2nd worst? There’s no excuse for using it unless you are selling a commodity. But even then, you can build in value.


There, I said it.


The 2nd worst offer in the world ever made ignores all the value that is built into the product and simply states a price. It is the antithesis of product launch marketing which is all about adding value to your offer until it becomes overwhelming


You would think that the plain old lettuce is just a commodity. But some bright spark worked out a way of adding value AND prolong it’s shelf life simply by tearing the lettuce up ready for the salad bowl and putting it in a bag. You can now chose between mixed or plain lettuce and a lot more besides


So my question to you is…


Have you added the maximum amount of value to you product or service AND raised your prices in the process. Or are you just one of the crowd trying to make a buck in a crowded market place?


Consumers get more and more sophisticated every day. As they do, markets dissect themselves into smaller and smaller specialist niches. The more specialist, the more they charge.


If you’re not constantly seeking to disrupt your market place by innovating and offering something new and original,  you are in a race to the bottom. The price you charge will spiral down until either you or they – your competition – go broke.


The only ones who ever win this race are the big brands. They can carry loss leaders.


The key to your success as a small business is to take a leaf out of Sun Tzu’s book – The Art of War – and know your enemy, the ground that he intends to fight on and yourself better than he does. Then you will become invincible


The success of any product launch is based on this trilogy. Strike where your competitors are weakest by playing to your strengths in a new market that you have created. If you are looking for an example, look no further than Apple inc



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Rory Ramsden