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Tuning the core myth that runs through your product launch like a golden thread is essential if you want to be sure that your launch will act like a pressurized catapult that blasts your new product into the stratosphere.

So don’t guess, Ask…

Run surveys. When you have finished up your market research. After each Tele-seminar. After each event in your pre-launch sequence…

Ask for feedback

Here’s what you need to know

  1. Find out who your customer really is – You may think you know who they are but what you think you know is not good enough. You have to know you  know. If you’re just guessing you’re fooling yourself and you’re not optimizing your business or serving your customers – so really think about this before you move on.
  2. Find out how best you can help them – Don’t make a product you think your prospects will like. Ask them what they really want and then give it to them. (Gee.. that sounds easier doesn’t it?)

And here are the 6 steps to take

  • Get a Survey Program – That’s simple. There are all kinds of online programs that are simple to set up and even have free basic services. Some people like  Others use surveygizmo.
  • Decide on an Incentive – Make sure that it is a gift that will really resonate in your market. It has to be perceived as really valuable. Money is no good. Ipads may be ! What incentive can you offer your people?
  • What questions to ask – The fewer the better (no more than 7 or 8).  If you are doing a product launch it is important to have a comment box at the end. You will find some great ideas here and questions that may be objections in disguise.  If your survey is part of a ‘seed launch’ – where you create an entirely new product from scratch – use the question Jeff Walker loves: “What’s your biggest frustration?” It’s a great way to start the dialogue. The next question might be: “What’s important about that?”
  • Who To Survey – Don’t survey your entire list at the same time. Segment it.  Ask the first segment one set of questions. Then based on those results ask the next segment to answer different questions.
    For example… Use the answers to the ‘biggest frustration’ question to go one level deeper with ‘If you could get rid of this frustration, how would that feel?’  or  ‘Who eslse would really feel good about that and why?’ or “When is this frustration the most annoying ?” Get more specific answers. Dig deeper… You’ll get great insights
  • Get them on the phone – Now for the really fun stuff! This is where you get your customers/prospects on the phone.  How do you do this? Do you call randomly? Do they get ticked off? Do they want to talk to you?

This is what to  do and it works like a charm. The last question in the online survey asks them if they’d be willing to participate in a 20 – 30 minute telephone interview. They get a small additional gift for participating. If they wish to participate they give us their telephone number and 3 times during the following week they are available. We follow up in an email confirming the time and then call them.

They will take this seriously. Go over their survey results on the phone and asked them questions to really get a flavor for what they wanted and how they wanted it, it their words, with their emotions. You know going in that certain issues are important to them. Note the language they use.

On the phone you can learn why they are important to an entirely new degree. By simply asking the question: “What’s important about that?” perhaps many times, you really start to uncover the base emotions at play.

Ask for examples and they may tell you stories about their lives and how this frustration impacts their day to day life.   Your understanding of their situation will skyrocket.

  • Ask Them To Be Part of a Beta Testing Group – Testing your product using carefully selected people will help them and prove that your product works. You will have a ready made list of people willing to give you testimonials.

Surveying people either online or on the phone will help you laser focus your product and make your copywriting really resonate with your core market.  They may really open up to you. You are showing an interest in them. They will reciprocate.

By giving them the chance to talk whilst you listen, they are helping you to help them in the future. Get to know and connect with your customers and you can be sure that your product launch will be fully tuned in to your people’s wants, fears, frustrations, hopes and dreams… You will be talking the same language.

Find out more about hiring a product launch manager by clicking here

Then complete this simple survey and I’ll get back to you to schedule a time we can talk on the phone…

In the meantime, tell me what results you got from running a survey below and what questions you used to surface your really important insights…


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