Product Launch Strategy #6 Make Buyers Thrilled To See Your Upsell

Product Launch Upsells

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I hesitate to raise the idea of building upsells into your in your product launch strategy. For me, there is nothing that is guaranteed to make me abandon the shopping cart quicker than ‘upsell-hell’.¬† I bet you feel the same way when you get caught in a labyrinth of endless attempts to make you buy something you don’t want.


The temptation is always to take a key piece out of your original offer weakening it fatally in the process. When your real purpose is to add even more value than existed before.


When a buyer is making a purchase from you, they want the relevant product or service you’re offering. They’re in a good mood. They just voted with their Visa that this thing they purchased has VALUE to them. At that point, what they want is the value that they just paid for. They want to experience what they just bought. They don’t want to purchase another “product.” They don’t want to purchase another “service.” They just want what they paid for NOW


Unless of course, you can offer them even more value at what appears to be a ridiculously low price. Something that extends the value of what they already bought. Your purpose is therefore to offer an even better deal than your new client could possibly hope for.


For you to make more money with your product launch, you’ve got to learn how to offer upsells that your customers WANT, and you’ve got to learn how to PRESENT them in a way that will thrill your customers


Make it Relevant To Your Core Concept РYou remember that your core concept is your most unique, most valuable benefit. By making your upsell add even more value to this, you are going beyond the call of duty. You are overwhelming your client with value and expanding on their original purchase. So think about what would make your customers thrilled to buy NOT what you can sell.


So if your original offer was for ‘Beginners’, offer them the opportunity of getting the Pro version. You can say “Thanks for buying Level 1 training. If you’d like to save 60% off Level 2 in this series, you can do it now so you don’t pay extra later.”


Your original offer has to be overwhelming to get your prospects off the fence with their Visa card in hand. Focus on this to start with. If your CTR is poor then get feedback from your customers. Just pick up the phone and thank them for buying. Ask them how you can make your offer even stronger. Test, Test and test again. That’s why you should always do at least one small beta product launch to a segment of your list before going for the big time.


Make sure your offer converts. Then add an upsell. Then invite JV partners to help you promote your product launch



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Rory Ramsden