Product Launch Strategy #5a Make Getting Quick Results Easy

Product Launch Quick Results

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Your product launch is over. Your shopping cart is closed after a tumultuous week of sales. Job done… Right?


No… Not by a long way. Now your focus should be on delivering your product and making sure that your customers are super happy with their decision to buy. Making sure that they get quick results is essential to encourage your new clients to consume more. It will also cut down on the returns you get too.


Whatever you’re selling, structure your product to deliver the simplest high value result first.


If you are teaching your clients how to make videos that sell, teach them first to make simple screen capture videos using Power Point or Keynote. Give them a simple structure. Show them how to optimize the sound track and then how to do basic editing in Screen flow or Camtasia then create MP4s and upload to the web.


That way they’ll be getting results quickly. Their videos will stand out from the crowd and they will appreciate the success you have enabled. This will reinforce your buyers purchase decision. They will have proved to themselves that they can use what they have bought and the quick win will encourage them take more action


This isn’t psychological trickery – you’re just trying to get them to take ownership of what they’ve bought and USE it. If they consume just a little bit and get something positive out of it, they’re much more likely to consume the rest AND feel that they got real value for money in the process.


Who’s going to refund a product or service they like and use? Very, very few people, that’s who.


Now we all know that there are ‘serial refunders’ out there, so some refunds are inevitable, but keeping them to an absolute minimum is essential. Your account will not get flagged by your merchant provider.  You will build a reputation with your core business support services too.


Some online marketers might have a refund rate as high as 20% – 30% which should be totally unacceptable to you. Even a refund rate of 10% should raise some serious questions in your mind about how you can boost the value that you are delivering. But if your product launch is not structured to make it drop head simple to get quick results, you are not helping your customers and you are not helping yourself either…



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